AV for modern workspaces and meeting environments.

The Atlona Omega™ Series is a family of switching, extension, and video processing solutions with features and technologies designed specifically for today’s meeting and gathering spaces.

Discover more below about what makes Omega particularly ideal for modern AV presentation, collaboration, and video conferencing applications.

Key Features

  • Simple user operation – connect and present (no button to press)
  • Built-in automation with auto-switching, display control, and more
  • Universal AV connectivity for HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB-C
  • Video conferencing hub – USB interfacing for PCs, cameras, speakerphones, and soundbars
  • HDBaseT extension for 4K video, control, Ethernet, and USB
  • Cost-effective, easily adaptable system designs for a facility, organization, or enterprise


Here are some of the many convenience features for integration and user operation in the Omega Series, making it particularly ideal for today’s presentation and collaboration requirements.

Universal AV format connectivity.

USB-C, DisplayPort, and HDMI.
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Video conference with Zoom, Skype, and more.

Simple AV and USB connections to the host PC.
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Compact form factor, discreet systems.

Small and easily mountable onto surfaces.
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Hands-free, zero UI operation.

Connect it and forget it.
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Omega System Components

The Omega Series is a family of essential AV system components designed for simple plug-and-play operation to deliver a presentation, video conferencing session, and collaborate with team members.

An Omega system can be a straightforward, point-to-point setup from meeting table to display, or anchored by an AV switcher with remote endpoints at display or presenter locations.

Point-to-point system

Switching system with endpoints


Direct connectivity for source devices with HDMI or USB-C outputs, as well as USB for web and soft codec conferencing applications.


A family of compact matrix switchers designed specifically for the needs of today’s small to medium-sized presentation applications.


Slim and compact for discreet installation, and a range of features and capabilities beyond receiving HDBaseT from a transmitter or switcher.

Omega Product compatibility

This table provides detailed information about HDBaseT compatibility between Omega Series transmitters, receivers, and switchers.

* The AT-OME-ST31A and AT-OME-MS42 can also be remotely powered. However, local powering is recommended to enable device charging over the USB-C port. An accessory power supply purchase is required for the AT-OME-ST31A.

** Not recommended for use with the AT-OME-MS42, unless USB extension is not required.

Frequently asked questions

What best describes the value proposition for the Omega Series?

The Omega Series lets you specify and deliver cost-friendly AV integration solutions for today’s presentation and collaboration settings, especially huddle rooms and small to mid-sized spaces where presenters bring in their own devices to present or share content.

Omega also makes it very easy to integrate AV systems for video conferencing with popular platforms such as Zoom Rooms, Cisco Webex, and Microsoft Teams.

Can Omega deliver cost-of-ownership savings for AV integrators?

Yes. The affordability of the Omega Series makes it efficient and cost-effective to specify AV systems for all rooms throughout a facility or organization. Furthermore, with the Atlona Management System™, additional time and cost savings are realized when all rooms are centrally managed from a web portal – from initial deployment to system monitoring and firmware updates.

The Atlona Management System is available as part of the Velocity™ System, or as a free software installation.

Why do Omega AV systems work so well for video conferencing?

Today’s video conferencing systems are about connecting PCs and peripherals through USB, alongside video to the display. The challenge arises when you need to make multiple USB and HDMI connections from a meeting table to the wall. Omega AV systems solve this challenge by simplifying to a single cable carrying USB, HDMI, and other signals from the table to the display.

Omega Series matrix switchers also allow an easy upgrade path for legacy video conferencing systems, letting you integrate the hardware codec alongside USB peripherals for soft codec conferencing.

Is the Omega Series the successor to the HDVS or CLSO Series?

The Omega Series is a successor to these longstanding product families in that they’re optimized for the latest source devices (USB-C interfaces), compact AV matrix switching needs for smaller meeting spaces, 4K/60 4:4:4 and HDR compatibility, and USB video conferencing.

The HDVS and CLSO Series continue to be very popular with integrators and end users in a wide variety of traditional AV environments and applications, as well as budget requirements.

* 18 Gbps supported over local video I/O ports; 10 Gbps over HDBaseT.
** Applies to HDVS-200 transmitters only.

Can I continue to use legacy VGA sources with the Omega Series?

Yes. The AT-HDVS-200-TX and AT-HDVS-200-TX-WP switching transmitters feature VGA input, and can be used with Omega Series receivers and select switchers.


Three-Input Switcher for HDMI and VGA


Wallplate Switcher for HDMI and VGA

Are Omega Series endpoint devices compatible with other Atlona products?

The following Omega Series transmitters and receivers can be used with the CLSO and SW Series AV switchers for extending AV, control, and Ethernet, plus remote device powering. Other models include USB extension and are not recommended for use with these product families.


Three-Input Switcher for HDMI and USB-C


Wallplate Switcher for HDMI and USB-C – EU / UK


Receiver for HDMI with Audio


Scaler for HDBaseT and HDMI

Do Omega products require integration with an AV control system?

Omega Series systems are designed with built-in automation features that allow standalone, plug-and-play operation when presenters connect their device into the system. If desired, they’re also ready for integration with a Velocity System, especially if the project scope calls for AV control alongside other functions such as video conferencing.


Here are some examples of the many ideal application scenarios for the Omega Series, in environments ranging from small, open gathering areas to huddle rooms, conference rooms, classrooms, and more.

Many Omega Series products are ideal for open spaces, with slim-profile enclosures for concealed installation in furniture and behind wall-mounted displays. The AT-OME-ST31A is an HDMI and USB-C switcherthat feeds into the AT-OME-RX11 behind the display.

No active user control or pressing buttons are necessary. Simply connect a laptop and the display fires up from standby while switching to the appropriate input. 

Omega provides an easy and affordable path to enabling huddle rooms with video capability. The AT-OME-EX-KIT lets you go one step further and add video conferencing with little or no extra effort. Just connect your USB peripherals, such as the Atlona AT-HDVS-CAM.

The AT-OME-EX-KIT also allows you to use a touch-enabled display, so you can provide mouse control of your laptop from the screen.

An essential feature of many Omega AV switchers is USB extension over HDBaseT. This enables clean, efficient integration from meeting table to display, with just a single network cable between the two locations for video, audio, data, and device powering.

The AT-OME-MS42 is a compact, 4×2 matrix switcher that can be installed below a table and powered remotely by the AT-OME-EX-RX receiver at the display. It features universal laptop AV connectivity with USB-C, DisplayPort, and HDMI inputs.

Bonus feature: the USB-C input allows PC host connectivity to the built-in USB hub, and also can power the laptop.

The AT-OME-SW32 is a one-of-kind: a compact 3×2 matrix switcher with USB-C and HDMI inputs. The two matrixed HDMI outputs make it perfect for huddle rooms, meeting rooms, and other spaces with the desire for two independent displays.

Specify the OME-SW32 and avoid a more expensive, over-specified matrix switcher just to feed two displays. It also offers built-in display control and configurable auto-switching modes.

For traditional conference room scenarios, look no further than the AT-OME-PS62. This multi-format 6×2 matrix switcher comes with USB-C and HDMI inputs, as well as two HDBaseT inputs for receiving AV and USB from locations away from the switcher (such as a wall or floor box).

Matrixed HDMI and HDBaseT outputs provide an opportunity for a primary wall-mounted display, plus a secondary display on the side wall for displaying signage content or room scheduling information.

The OME-PS62 is equipped for audio integration with mic input, matrix mixing, embedding and de-embedding options, and more.

The AT-OME-PS62 is a great AV centerpiece for active learning classrooms, with the two HDBaseT inputs receiving input from two student pods with an AT-OME-ST31A three-input switcher at each location.

The OME-PS62 can be situated at the instructor’s lectern and used to connect into resident AV sources such as a PC and document camera, as well as the instructor’s laptop. 

The HDBaseT output is ideal for the main display or projector, while the HDMI output feeds into the instructor’s confidence monitor. For sound reinforcement, the OME-PS62 can feed mic and program audio into an amplifier and speakers.


Several Atlona products and technologies serve as ideal complements to the Omega Series, adding AV system control, multi-room AV asset management, BYOD cable access, and video conferencing.

Velocity™ AV Control

For user control of set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, and video conferencing functions, add the Velocity System for AV control. Use Velocity touch panels or BYOD mobile devices for user control.

AV Asset Management

Use the Atlona Mangement System (AMS) to centrally configure, deploy, and manage Omega AV systems throughout a facility. AMS is included with the Velocity System (free software available).

Velocity Room Scheduling

Also standard with the Velocity System platform is room scheduling integration with third-party calendar platforms. Install a Velocity touch panel for viewing room status and booking a meeting.


An enterprise-grade, USB PTZ camera that seamlessly integrates with the Omega Series. Add a PC and USB audio peripheral for a complete video conferencing system.

Pocket™ 3H (AT-PKT-3H)

A tabletop cable access enclosurethat supports three AV cables for presenters to connect their laptops. An under-table bag conceals cables for a clean, professional installation.

LinkConnect™ Cables

High performance cables supporting video up to 4K/60 4:4:4, for HDMI, USB-C, and DisplayPort. These cables are available together with the Pocket 3H (AT-PKT-3H-KIT).