Power your video walls with Velocity™ and OmniStream™

Video walls have been among the most expensive and complex types of AV systems to design and integrate.

But with OmniStream AV over IP and Velocity AV system control, you can now easily and cost-effectively build and configure video wall systems without the complicated wiring, complex programming, and other challenges of the past.

But don’t just take our word for it. Watch the video below, and see for yourself how streamlined and efficient it can be to get a video wall system up and running with Atlona technologies.

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Atlona Video Walls

The cabling infrastructure for an Atlona video wall system is really straightforward – a standard data network of AV encoders, decoders, a control processor, and a touchpanel. No need to wire separately for AV and control, or provision an outboard matrix switcher and video processor.

Need to support portrait-oriented displays? Not a problem with OmniStream. Defined video walls can be easily configured with either 0, 90, 180, or 270 degrees of rotation for today’s digital signage and other creative applications.

Content can be displayed on the portrait-oriented wall just like any standard video wall configuration – one source on the entire wall or one source per display. You choose the best layout for your needs.

Note: Video wall processing for portrait displays is not available with the AT-OMNI-122 AV decoder.


A simple drag-and-drop functionality lets you visually lay out the display array, and then dynamically assign an input source to one or more displays on the video wall.


From here, you can create video wall mode presets that can later be recalled by a system operator through a Velocity touch panel.


OmniStream lets you tie your video wall into an extensive AV over IP distribution system spanning multiple rooms, buildings, and even a campus or enterprise. You can bring in AV sources to the video wall from anywhere on the network.

The AV control processor in the Velocity Control System can deliver control to a total of 250 devices over a network, more than ample to integrate control for several AV systems throughout a facility.

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