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Enhance media space, home or retail environments with AV solutions that connect shared media sources such as media servers, Blue-Ray players, portable devices such as laptops and phones as well as streaming content.

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Residential AV Applications

Entertainment Space

Enjoy content on different screens without impacting interior design or encumbering space. Our media space AV solutions enable seamless AV design for an entertainment space.

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Whole Home Distribution

Simplify AV in the home by eliminating redundant set-top boxes and multiple remote control devices. The living space can become more attractive while also reducing supplemental device cost.

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Why Atlona for Residential?

System design and sales engineering support
Tailored training in multiple languages
Global and multilingual technical support
Powerful web and cloud-based management system

“To keep the infrastructure as light and cost-effective as possible from an integration perspective, we opted for an AV over IP architecture to move signals around the facility.”

— Hai Tran, partner at Elevenfifty

Success Story

A new luxury residence in Dubai looks to Atlona for efficient network-based video distribution as part of a comprehensive, high-efficiency technical architecture.

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