Velocity: IP-based AV control and management

Redefining AV Control

Atlona Velocity™ brings a whole new approach to AV control, making it faster, easier, and more cost-effective than ever to specify and integrate a commercial AV control system. Velocity features an innovative IP system architecture that delivers unprecedented scalability and continuous reliability, as well as a powerful cloud resource for managing multiple clients and site installations.

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“Scalability and multiple points-of-control were two key challenges in our customer’s command center application.  Only Velocity from Atlona would allow us to economically place a point of control at every operator’s terminal to control the video system.”

Jim Widmaier / Owner, Presentation Source

Take a Closer Look

Save time with easy configuration.

Configure control systems in minutes with simple, intuitive navigation and menu selections, just like a mobile or web app. Never before have integrators been able to deploy professional AV control systems so efficiently.

Velocity delivers true AV control agility.

Need to modify, update, or improve your control system? In a few mouse clicks, make all the changes and the system automatically pushes the settings to the devices – no compiling or uploading necessary.

Give customers peace of mind with a rock-solid system.

Velocity includes a unique IP system architecture with fully redundant processors and built-in disaster recovery. Should a problem arise in one processor, your control system will recover by itself and keep running with no downtime, and no need for any intervention.

Affordable scalability to grow with your customers.

Velocity is fully scalable from the smallest conference room to the largest facility, without extensive reprogramming, or the need for numerous control processors. Velocity’s software control processor can be hosted on nearly any IT server, making it easy and affordable to scale up to a campus or enterprise.

Ready for large-scale AV control integration.

Create specific role-based accounts for system designers, installers, technicians, system operators, and more. This is ideal for large AV control system projects requiring a full team of staff members, as well as dedicated personnel for after-sale support and managed services.

Get started with Velocity in no time.

Integrators can deploy Velocity after just a short online training course, with no need to attend lengthy classes, earn certifications, or hire expert programmers. To get started, simply click here.

Dive Deeper Into the Essentials

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Easy to Use

Control system configuration is fast and highly intuitive with the familiar interactions, flow, and visual elements of a web or mobile application. No programming skills or extensive training are necessary. To get started with Velocity, all it takes is an online orientation session.


Velocity delivers the agility that enables system deployment in a fraction of the time for traditional control platforms. This agility also allows integrators to expedite functional or user interface adjustments during commissioning, and respond promptly to client requests for system modifications.


A single Velocity Control Gateway appliance can serve up to 250 IP device connections at once. The gateway can also be hosted in an IT data center, with licensing available for up to 5,000 connections to serve an enterprise. This expandability is unmatched by traditional control processors, both in scale and cost.


Velocity features an IP-based system architecture that inherently allows full redundancy and system failover. This keeps AV control running continuously in all rooms, preventing user frustration that often leads to meeting, class, or event cancellation.

Central Management

Velocity Cloud provides a unified platform for creating and managing AV control projects by client, client sites, and specific locations such as rooms. Access is available anywhere worldwide through a standard web browser, so you can remotely provide your own personalized service. This is much easier than going on-site to service an installation.

Bring Your Own Device – BYOD

Atlona offers easy, flexible, and affordable options for Velocity Touch Panels as well as BYOD integration with tablets, smartphones, and other devices. There are no complicated licensing schemes or usage restrictions. The intuitive web-based GUIs are automatically generated during system configuration.

Monitoring and Alerts

Velocity Cloud features continuous system monitoring, as well as real-time event notifications and alerts. For other control systems, such features are often available only with an asset management platform requiring separate purchase, installation, and training.


Velocity Cloud includes analytics and data reporting capabilities that enable deep insight into which rooms and equipment are most frequently accessed. This is valuable in helping integrators and technology managers make informed decisions about when, where, and how to expand.

Budget Friendly

The Velocity Control System offers a cost of ownership far lower than competitive offerings in the AV industry. Significant savings will be realized in terms of equipment costs, free online training, fast system configuration, high device control capacity, and more.


Velocity supports secure data communications between the Velocity Control Gateway, Velocity Cloud, Velocity Touch Panels, and web clients through HTTP/2, HTTPS, and WebSockets with TLS and AES-128 encryption. Additionally, Velocity can operate over a dedicated AV LAN, isolated from the facility or corporate network.

Introducing Velocity Cloud

Deliver remote customer support and raise the bar on service.

Velocity Cloud features a centralized portal for integrators to oversee and manage all their control clients without visiting on-site. Continuous monitoring, alerts, and analytics give you the power to provide superior service and create opportunities for recurring revenue.

Velocity Cloud is an online portal for AV integrators, facility AV/IT system administrators, and tech managers to remotely configure, monitor, and service Atlona Velocity Control Systems, from anywhere and anytime through a web browser.

Velocity Cloud is offered in two service tiers as a yearly subscription: Velocity Cloud Lite and Velocity Cloud Pro. See the following table for a detailed comparison of features. For pricing and availability, please contact your Atlona representative.

Velocity AV Control System Elements

Velocity Control Gateway

A software and IP-based control processor designed for several AV systems over a network. It is available as a server appliance, or can be hosted on standard IT server infrastructure.

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AV Control Processor– 250 Devices



AV Software Control Processor – 2,500 / 5,000 Devices

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IP Command Converters

Velocity Touch Panels

Sleek, stylistic touch panels in 5.5” and 8” sizes with a table mount available. Velocity also offers very easy BYOD integration options for tablets, smartphones, PCs, and more.

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5.5″ Touch Panel



8″ Touch Panel


Tabletop Mounting Kit for 8″
Touch Panel




BYOD AV Control User Interfaces – 10 / 50 / 250 Devices

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Velocity Cloud

A centralized online resource to create and manage Velocity systems by client, client sites, and specific locations including floors and rooms. Deliver timely, premium customer service, wherever you are.

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Remote Configuration and Management Portal


Advanced Remote Configuration and Management Portal

Velocity™ White Paper

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