Velocity: IP-based AV control and management

Velocity 2.0: AV control, asset management, and room scheduling

The Atlona Velocity™ System is an innovative AV control platform that brings together a unique set of capabilities resulting in easy system scalability and a low cost of ownership. Velocity’s IP-based system architecture allows a single, networked processor to serve multiple AV systems simultaneously, leading to overall AV system control efficiency. Velocity also saves valuable time with the ability to configure control systems in minutes, and quickly make system modifications free of extensive programming.

Key Features

  • NEW! IP-based platform for AV control, plus room scheduling and AV asset management
  • NEW! Use Velocity touch panels for user control, or use BYOD mobile devices at no extra cost
  • NEW! Room scheduling server for Velocity touch panels (G Suite™ and Microsoft® Office 365™)
  • NEW! AT-VSP-800 8” scheduling touch panels that include bezel LED lighting for both room scheduling and AV control
  • NEW! Includes Velocity Cloud Lite for off-site configuration, monitoring, and servicing AV control systems and scheduling panels
  • NEW! Atlona Management System (AMS) for centrally configuring, deploying, and managing Atlona AV devices
  • Low cost of ownership from a single, networked processor serving multiple room systems
  • Configure, deploy, and modify control systems in minutes – no programming necessary

Velocity Firmware – Current Release Information

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Save time with easy configuration.

Configure control systems in minutes with simple, intuitive navigation and menu selections.

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Affordable scalability.

Serve multiple AV systems from a single processor, simplifying integration and lowering your costs.

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Fully customizable control interface.

Velocity makes it easy to create a simple, yet elegant and powerful UI.

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Room scheduling built-in.

In addition to AV control, the Velocity System is a room scheduling server for Velocity touch panels.

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Touch panels or BYOD.

Control AV systems with high performance touch panels or a user’s mobile device.

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Enhance collaboration.

Velocity enables AV system integration into Cisco and Zoom meeting spaces with video conferencing.

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System redundancy for peace of mind.

Add a second processor for redundancy and built-in disaster recovery.

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Remote servicing from the cloud.

Every Velocity System includes Velocity Cloud Lite monitoring and management.

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AV asset management.

Atlona Management System (AMS) for centrally configuring and deploying AV devices.

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Velocity System Gateways

At the heart of every Velocity System is the gateway, a server that provides the processing to serve multiple rooms of AV control and scheduling. Each gateway also includes the Atlona Management System (AMS) for configuring and managing Atlona devices, as well as Velocity Cloud Lite remote management.

Atlona AT-VGW-HW Gateway for AV Control and Management plus Room Scheduling


  • Hardware server gateways for AV system control, room scheduling, and AV asset management
  • Three versions available for AV control of up to 3 rooms, 10 rooms, or 20 rooms
  • Access from a web browser for setup and management
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports for isolating a dedicated AV LAN from the facility or corporate network
  • Supports industry-standard, network security features and protocols


  • Software server gateway for AV system control, room scheduling, and AV asset management
  • Provides AV control for up to 20 rooms
  • Designed for hosting on standard IT server infrastructure
  • Access from a web browser for setup and management
  • Supports industry-standard, network security features and protocols
  • Add additional rooms with the AT-VRL-SW license

Velocity System: From Simple to Advanced Applications

Velocity Systems deliver processing for AV system control.

In addition to AV control, Velocity Systems also include room scheduling, which can be used alongside AV control in a room, or as a standalone touch panel installation.

A Velocity System gateway is designed to serve multiple rooms for AV control and room scheduling, while also providing asset management for centrally deploying and managing AV devices.

Add a second Velocity System gateway for continuous system reliability and automatic disaster recovery.

A Velocity System gateway can be remotely monitored, managed, and serviced with Velocity Cloud Lite, included at no extra cost.

Velocity System Elements


IP-based server gateways for AV control, room scheduling, and asset management. They’re available as a server appliance, or can be hosted on standard IT server infrastructure.


Gateway for AV Control and Management plus Room Scheduling


Software Gateway for AV Control and Management plus Room Scheduling


Additional Room License for Velocity AT-VGW-SW Software Gateway

Touch Panels

Sleek, stylish touch panels in 5.5” and 8” sizes with models supporting bezel LED lighting, landscape/portrait orientation, table mounting, and more.


8″ Scheduling Touch Panel


5.5″ Touch Panel


8″ Touch Panel


The Velocity System includes converters for IP control commands to IR, RS-232, and relay / sensor. Add as many converters as needed for your installation.


IP to IR Command Converter


IP to Relay / Sensor Signal Converter


IP to RS-232 Command Converter