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Atlona Academy training resources are a great way to gain the tools and knowledge you need to succeed!

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Atlona makes learning convenient, no matter where you are take our subject matter experts with you!

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“We have been building AV classrooms for decades. However, we have never encountered a more straightforward, relevant, easy-to-understand training platform like the Atlona Academy. The modules are structured in such a way that my technicians have the knowledge to be relevant in hours, rather than weeks or months.”
– Michelle Kannegaard, Director Support Services & Learning Technology

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Custom Networked AV Training

See how we can partner with you to create training customized for your needs. Check out the video to see how participants receive real value from Atlona on-site, hands-on training.

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Atlona Factory Training

7 CTS, 7 CTS-I, 7 CTS-D RU

100 – Technology Specialist

4 CTS, 4 CTS-I, 4 CTS-D RU / 2 CEU

200 – Atlona Certified Technologist

2 CTS, 2 CTS-I, 2 CTS-D / 1 CEU

300 – Velocity Control Certification

1.25 CTS, 1.25 CTS-I, 1.25 CTS-D RU

400 – AV over IP – Technical Networking Certification

3 CTS, 3 CTS-I, 3 CTS-D / 2 CEU

500 – Omnistream Certification

1.25 CTS, 1.25 CTS-I, 1.25 CTS-D RU

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