Atlona Academy

We train dealers, distributors, employees, and end-users on Atlona product lines but also the general aspects of the audio-video industry. We walk you through the basic elements of audio, video, networking, cabling, and control as well as understanding your laptop as a tool. Whether you are new to Atlona or new to the industry we will help you better understand the elements of your industry without wasting time but helping you do your job better and faster.

Who is the training for?

Dealers and Integrators

If you have new technicians or want to help them grow within the company, Atlona Academy offers a multidisciplinary and multitiered training program to help your team gain the industry skills and experience to be successful.

Sales and End-Users

You need to understand the industry elements and language to be successful at choosing the right partners. Atlona Academy will provide an overview of the AV industry to give you a solid foundation and offers the opportunity to increase your skills as far as you are willing to go.


You will learn what questions to ask, how to create the best solution, and how to document the solution for easier installation, maintenance, and client sign-off. We also help you understand how to break down a complex integration into smaller parts and create a design that provides a great user experience regardless of where you are on the campus.


If you’ve used other control systems and want to get a deeper understanding of Velocity™, we give you tools to be successful with our versatile control solution. Velocity can help you get a system started so that you can test the connections, but it also has the ability to be customized without the need for a computer science degree.

How Do I Access Atlona Academy?

Watch the video tutorial below and learn how to use Litmos with Atlona Academy

Atlona’s Learning Levels


Level 101: Foundations

This is a survey-type course that walks you through the language and basic understanding of six primary elements within the AV industry. We cover computers and the basics you need to know to make it your most important tool, then we add cabling, audio, video, networking, and control. Each of these topics has a language and overlaps with each other to create a complete AV system.

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Level 201: Fundamentals

Now that you know the elements, we build the solutions from a simple point-to-point through to a full distributed system. Understanding how the connections work separately to send the signal from one location to another. Then we overlay the Atlona product lines and how we solve these issues with Atlona.

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Level 301: Programming

Our Velocity control system allows you to use a plug-and-play template to create a control system with our Atlona products and many third-party products. At this level, we take it a step further and help you understand our custom graphical user interface and custom drivers for deeper control.

Level 401: Design and Implementation

With the understanding of the industry and the basics of our Atlona product families, you are now ready to learn how to put it together in both simple and complex designs. This level helps you understand the design elements for AV and how Atlona has created products to solve challenges in the AV industry. Plus we add in the general understanding needed to set up and configure the products.

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Level 501: Installation

Installers need to be able to read the design schematics, understand the solutions to be able to articulate them to the user when getting sign-off, configure and deploy the solution, and train and maintain the documentation. Technicians are the front line, so we help them understand the gotchas that can eat up time on site, and what Atlona considers best practices for solid installations.

Certification pathways

Certificate of Design and Implementation

This is required for all new dealers who sell Atlona and want to sell our OmniStream AV over IP platform

  • Complete Level 101: Foundations
  • Complete Level 201: Fundamentals
  • Complete Level 401: Design and Implementation

Certificate of Programming

This is required for the dealers who sell our Velocity Control Systems

  • Complete Level 101: Foundations
  • Complete Level 201: Fundamentals
  • Complete Level 301: Programming

Certificate of Integration

This is required for dealers who want to be part of the Certified Atlona Advantage Program*

  • Complete Level 101: Foundations
  • Complete Level 201: Fundamentals
  • Complete Level 301: Programming
  • Complete Level 401: Design and Implementation
  • Complete Level 501: Installation

All training courses must be completed in a 12-month period.
Certifications of 101-401 are valid for 1 year. Certification of 501 is valid for 2 years.

What's changed with the new atlona academy

Training Curriculum

Download Our New Training Curriculum

Read the latest comprehensive brochure from Atlona and see all the new improvements and areas of training we have incorporated by downloading the PDF below.

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