Atlona Global Sales Contacts

Atlona is committed to providing the industry’s best customer service and sales support. Our global team understands your demands and provides the solutions you need, when you need them. Our office is staffed with personnel in sales, training, customer service and support in order to best meet your needs. Please reference the contact information below. We look forward to keeping you connected.

+1 (408) 962-0515 (US)

+41 43 508 43 21 (EMEA)

+65 6305 7575 (APAC)

Please contact your regional sales manager to find information on local dealers in your area

North American Sales


Adam Griffin
Director of sales and Business Development

Jason Parson
Regional Sales Manager - Northwest

Scott Varner
Regional Sales Manager - Northeast

Amy Hacker
Regional Sales Manager - Great Lakes

Remy Nguyen
Regional Sales Manager - South West

Rene Yzaguirre
Regional Sales Manager - South Central

Connie Bolt
Regional Sales Manager - South East

Christina Cruzeiro
Regional Sales Manager - Canada

Shaun Burnette
REGIONAL SALES MANAGER - North Central / Director of Commercial Distribution

Steve Neylon
Director of Residential Distribution


Steve Bogart
Business Development Manager, EDU


Steve Heintz
Supervisor, Inside Sales - North America

Sales Engineering

Donald Trinh
National Field Sales Engineer

Dan WIlliams
Regional Technical Specialist/Trainer, Eastern US and Canada

Paul Beals
Sales Engineer - Northeast, Great Lakes, North Central, & Canada

Ray Cooper
Sales Engineer - Southeast

Executive Director

Jamey Swigert
Executive Director