Introducing the Atlona All-IP Meeting Space.

IP networks are the future for AV systems integration, bringing virtually unrestricted scalability and flexibility for AV distribution.

If you’re planning for AV over IP distribution throughout a facility or enterprise, then why not also plan for individual rooms? The Atlona All-IP Meeting Space dramatically simplifies AV system designs for any small or large meeting room, saving you and your customers time and cost.

Atlona All-IP Meeting Spaces give you unprecedented power and flexibility to design, integrate, scale, and manage room systems — while also offering new opportunities to meet continually evolving customer demands for effective communication and collaboration.



Simplify your system designs.

See below to discover how the Atlona All-IP Meeting Space allows for simple, efficient AV meeting room system designs.

An IP-based meeting room AV system is fundamentally simple – AV encoders and decoders connected to a network switch. Atlona OmniStream™ encoders and decoders can be remotely powered by the switch through PoE, making AV integration all the more streamlined.

An IP system design can be sized exactly to the inputs and outputs required for the application, rather than selecting a fixed-configuration AV switcher. And you won’t have to worry about specifying simple or matrix switching, since both are inherent to AV over IP platforms.

Furthermore, with IP-based systems, you’ll only need to stock encoders, decoders, and network switches – instead of multiple variations of switchers, DAs, card cages, I/O boards, and more.

IP also makes it simple and straightforward to add USB, audio, and control to a meeting room system design. USB over IP interfaces are especially ideal for soft codec conferencing applications, as well as integrating with touch displays.

OmniStream AV over IP systems run over Gigabit Ethernet. This can be greatly beneficial to you and your customer, allowing the opportunity to use the network cabling already in place at the edge of a facility’s existing network infrastructure.

IP-based AV systems offer another key benefit to your customers: they can readily be managed by IT staff members as part of their network operations.

Flexible systems for maximum ROI.

Learn more about how the Atlona All-IP Meeting Space is fully adaptable and flexible to meeting wide-ranging customer and business requirements.

AV over IP allows unprecedented flexibility in designing systems to various room sizes, configurations, and application requirements – ranging from basic meeting rooms to conference centers. This is possible simply by modifying the quantity of endpoint devices.

For large divisible rooms, AV over IP provides full flexibility to design to any number of subdivided spaces. There’s no need to specify an expensive matrix switcher with limited routing capability.

When considering multiple room systems throughout a facility, building, or campus, going the all-IP route brings further integration efficiencies, including the ability to share AV resources including control processing, DSP, and videoconferencing.

Sharing AV resources translates to cost savings, and an opportunity for customers to preserve their investments in AV equipment. It’s worth noting that the Atlona Velocity™ AV control processor is designed with the capacity to serve multiple room systems.

AV over IP integration offers yet another critical advantage over traditional systems: the ability to maintain system uptime with redundancy and automatic failover in the event of an anticipated malfunction. This is particularly important for facilities that host mission-critical operations.

Atlona OmniStream AV over IP systems are available with redundant AV distribution over two separate networks or two duplicate streams, while the Atlona Velocity Control System offers continuous, failsafe system operation with two redundant control processors.

AV over IP devices are field-upgradable, ensuring an Atlona All-IP Meeting Space always meets the evolving needs of today and tomorrow’s application needs.

IP-based AV meeting room systems can easily be standardized across an organization, and also worldwide for enterprises that operate across the globe.

AV over IP is uniquely scalable.

The benefits of all-IP AV integration extend well beyond the meeting room.

An IP-based meeting room system easily interconnects into a centralized LAN with other rooms. Multiple LANs can be interconnected within a building, or between buildings.

AV distribution becomes possible anywhere across a network and between networks, effectively removing the signal routing and distance limitations associated with traditional AV matrix switchers.

An IP-based AV system architecture has inherently no limitations on expanding or upgrading. It’s just a matter of providing many endpoints and network ports as desired.

By planning ahead and integrating AV systems over networks, you’re also ready to re-engage with your customers down the line with cost-effective opportunities to enhance or add to their AV communication capabilities.

Enhanced system management.

When you make the decision to integrate AV systems over a facility’s IP network infrastructure, you provide yourself and your customer a powerful opportunity to centrally manage all AV operations to ensure reliability, end-user satisfaction, security, and access to the latest features.

IP-based AV systems can easily and seamlessly be integrated into Velocity Device Manager AV device management platform, to let you access, monitor, and manage them from a web portal. It is included with Velocity control systems or available as a free virtual machine software download.

Key features of centralized, IP-based AV asset management:

  • Duplicate a meeting room system configuration across similar rooms – avoid time-consuming, room-by-room setup
  • Ideal for IT admins and managers to manage AV operations with helpdesk support, remote troubleshooting, and firmware updates
  • Continuous monitoring of all room systems with real-time status notifications and alerts
  • Remote access to AV systems from anywhere worldwide (coming soon)
  • … and much more, including event and data logging


The Atlona All-IP Meeting Space is built on these distinct, IP-based AV technology platforms by Atlona.


Uncompromised AV over IP performance and reliability over Gigabit Ethernet.


Innovative IP system architecture for AV control and asset management.