OmniStream™ AV over IP

Atlona OmniStream is a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective networked AV platform that delivers high-performance AV distribution with solid reliability, along with the unrestricted scalability and cost efficiency of integrating over data networks.

The possibilities of networked AV systems are almost limitless in expansion and scope. AV over IP systems continue to be more and more widely adopted in applications where circuit-based distribution systems were the only viable option.

OmniStream Capabilities

OmniStream was engineered from the ground up at Atlona to deliver powerful integration and performance features unmatched by other platforms in the AV industry.

Our networked AV technology platform is the result of extensive and ongoing R&D initiatives to deliver the best possible image presentation quality, uncompromising reliability, and integration convenience.

OmniStream 2.0

OmniStream 2.0 is the latest technology update to the OmniStream networked AV platform, with new capabilities for OmniStream encoders and decoders. It is available in newly shipping products, and as a no-cost firmware update for existing systems.

This technology update delivers industry-leading performance and features, allowing system owners to preserve their investments well into the future.

Key Features
  • New and enhanced VCx™ codec delivers 4K/60 4:4:4 with artifact-free presentation of computer-generated content and fast-motion video
  • High-efficiency coding enables 4K/60 4:4:4 and 1080p streams over Gigabit Ethernet, and numerous 4K streams over 10 Gigabit uplinks between network switches
  • Ultra-fast switching between 4K/60 video streams from OmniStream encoders
  • Multiview window processing allows display of up to 4 sources on a screen (AT-OMNI-121 decoder)
  • Integrated Ethernet link testing to evaluate network integrity between encoders and decoders
  • Thumbnail preview of encoded video streams through Velocity AV control or in the web GUI
  • Includes legacy VC-2 codec, so existing customers can migrate to VCx at their convenience

OmniStream 2.0 firmware is available for download from the AT-OMNI-111, AT-OMNI-111-WP, AT-OMNI-112, and AT-OMNI-121 product pages, as well as for legacy products including the AT-OMNI-512, AT-OMNI-521, and AT-OMNI-122 (limited capabilities).

NOTE: If you are planning to use Atlona Velocity AV control with OmniStream 2.0, it is strongly advised that Velocity systems be updated to firmware version 2.5.3 or later.

Introduction to OmniStream 2.0

Introducing OmniStream 2.0, a major technology update with new features and performance capabilities.

High Efficiency Coding

Learn about the benefits of highly efficient video coding over Gigabit Ethernet.

Multiview Processing

A standout feature for OmniStream is multiview processing in the decoder (AT-OMNI-121), so that multiple image sources can be presented on one display. The decoder can ingest streams from up to four encoders (AT-OMNI-111), and display them as a quad, side-by-side, or picture-in-picture (PIP) view.

This capability is made possible with the significant coding efficiency in the VCx codec, which allows dual streaming from the encoder, with a primary, high-resolution stream for full-screen display, and a secondary, lower-resolution stream for multiview.

NOTE: Multiview processing is available with OmniStream firmware version 2.0 or later.

This video provides an overview of multiview processing in OmniStream AV over IP systems.

Learn More

OmniStream White Paper

The OmniStream white paper offers a comprehensive overview of the many features and capabilities of this industry-leading networked AV platform. It includes the latest additions as part of the OmniStream 2.0 technology update.

OmniStream Application Guide

The OmniStream Application Guide is a valuable resource that guides you through AV over IP system design approaches for several key applications, including corporate meetings, higher education, and digital signage.


Atlona Academy Training and Certification

Atlona offers online education courses and certification for OmniStream. This is a great opportunity to learn about networked AV systems, the OmniStream product family, and the essential principles of data networking.

With certification, you’ll have the credibility, knowledge, and confidence to inform your customers on the ideal AV over IP system solutions for their requirements, and deliver quality sales and technical support whenever necessary.

NOTE: Atlona Academy Certificate of Design and Implementation is required for all new Atlona dealers wanting to sell OmniStream AV over IP products.

OmniStream Product Family

Here is the OmniStream AV over IP product family for AV encoding and decoding, as well as interfaces for routing USB over IP.


Networked AV Encoder

• HDMI® input
• Supports 4K/60 4:4:4 plus HDR formats
• Advanced VCx codec
• Network security including IEEE 802.1x
• Local / PoE-powered


Wallplate Networked AV Encoder

• US two-gang – black or white faceplates
• HDMI input
• Supports 4K/UHD plus HDR formats
• Advanced VCx codec
• Network security including IEEE 802.1x
• Local / PoE-powered


Dual-Channel Networked AV Encoder

• Dual HDMI inputs
• Supports 4K/60 4:4:4 plus HDR formats
• Advanced VCx codec
• Networked AV redundancy features
• Automatic HDMI input switching
• Network security including IEEE 802.1x
• Local / PoE-powered


Networked AV Decoder

• Supports 4K/60 4:4:4 plus HDR formats
• Advanced VCx codec
• Video wall processing
• Multiview processing
• Network security including IEEE 802.1x
• Audio embedding / de-embedding
• Local / PoE-powered


USB to IP Adapter

• Host side USB to IP adapter
• USB host connection for PC
• Supports USB 2.0 data rates to 480 Mbps
• Pair with up to seven OMNI-324 units
• USB routing or point-to-point extension


IP to USB Adapter

• Device side IP to USB adapter
• Four-port USB hub
• Supports high bandwidth devices
• Supports USB 2.0 data rates to 480 Mbps
• Pair up to seven units with OMNI-311
• USB routing or point-to-point extension

Control & Management

Any successful AV over IP integration requires the ability to configure, manage, and monitor endpoints over the network. Also important are network switches properly configured for networked AV system operation.

Velocity™ Device Manager

This is a powerful resource that allows system integrators and AV / IT technology managers to configure and manage OmniStream devices over a network.

Velocity AV Control System

An IP-based platform for user control of Atlona AV systems, including OmniStream. Intuitive, configuration-based setup simplifies deployment.

NETGEAR® Managed Switches

Managed Gigabit Ethernet network switches designed for AV over IP systems, and preconfigured for integration with OmniStream.

NOTE: If you are planning to use Atlona Velocity AV control with OmniStream 2.0, it is strongly advised that Velocity systems be updated to firmware version 2.5.3 or later.

System Applications

Here are examples of system applications illustrating the versatility of distributing AV signals over a data network. If you are considering a networked AV project and would like system design assistance, please feel free to reach out to us, or register your project.

For additional insight, please refer to the OmniStream Application Guide.

OmniStream offers the flexibility to place networked AV endpoints whenever needed in a meeting room. Today’s conference rooms and boardrooms often include multiple locations for displays and connecting input sources.

OmniStream USB to IP interfaces allow USB data routing for video conferencing peripherals.

With AV over IP, AV signals can be distributed across large networks spanning multiple buildings throughout an enterprise or university campus.

The OmniStream networked AV platform is ideally suited for video walls, with an AV decoder tucked away behind each display for a streamlined installation that avoids the need for a video wall processor in a rack.

OmniStream supports video walls with landscape or portrait-oriented displays. A key advantage of AV over IP is that you can stream content to the video wall and other display locations at the same time.

Digital signage is an excellent use case for AV over IP,. A typical digital signage installation comprises one or a few sources serving numerous display locations.

The use of a data network makes system design straightforward and flexible, allowing as many displays and decoders to be incorporated as needed.

Available for the OmniStream  AT-OMNI-121 AV decoder is multiview window processing, which can ingest up to four streams from AT-OMNI-111 AV encoders and display them simultaneously on a single screen. The OMNI-111 can deliver a dedicated, secondary stream for multiview.

There are several compelling applications for multiview presentations, including overflow rooms and command and control. (Multiview processing requires OmniStream firmware version 2.0 or later.)

In universities and conference centers, it’s not uncommon to encounter situations in which there are more people wanting to attend a presentation number of available seats.

Multiview window processing allows a room with an AT-OMNI-121 AV decoder to provide overflow, so that the audience can see the same presentation content as in the main room, plus a livestream of the presenter. (Multiview processing requires OmniStream firmware version 2.0 or later.)

AV over IP provides wide-ranging flexibility for routing video, audio, control, and USB data. This is especially ideal in courtrooms where AV technology needs to be fully enabled across multiple zones.


Please refer to these valuable resources to learn more about OmniStream and designing AV over IP systems.

OmniStream White Paper

Discover the many key features and capabilities of the OmniStream AV over IP technology platform.

OmniStream Application Guide

This brochure explores several application possibilities with OmniStream networked AV systems.

OmniStream Certified Switches

Use this guide to configure many popular network switches for seamless compatibility with OmniStream.

OmniStream IT Deployment Guide

This reference details the essential network topology considerations and standards for AV over IP system deployment.