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Velocity Device Manager

Velocity Device Manager

The original Atlona Management System (AMS™) was a powerful system integration resource for configuring and managing Atlona devices over a network. Now, the capabilities of AMS have been incorporated into Velocity™ and have been rebranded Velocity Device Manager.

Velocity Device Manager helps streamline the configuration of AV installations. It is a browser-based user portal that lets you discover, set up, and commission Atlona IP-controllable products.

After the products are deployed, Velocity Device Manager provides continual system monitoring and the ability to manage firmware and credential updates.

Velocity Device Manager is available as a free virtual machine software download, AT-VDM-SW. It is also included in complete Velocity control system components such as the AT-VGW-HW hardware gateway, AT-VGW-SW software gateway, and AT-VTPG-1000VL all-in-one 10” touch panel with gateway.

Velocity Device Manager Essential Features


Automatic Device Discovery

Velocity Device Manager can scan the network, detect newly connected Atlona devices, and add them to your system configuration.

Multi-Device Configuration

Save valuable time by creating and then duplicating a device configuration across identical Atlona products. Organize Atlona installations into specific locations such as buildings and rooms.

Simple Web Browser Access

Velocity Device Manager runs off a free PC virtual machine as well as full Velocity control system hardware and software gateways. It can be simply accessed through a standard web browser over the network.

Alerts and Event Logging

Device Control and Management

An individual device can be configured, controlled, and monitored, with the same capabilities available through the device’s web interface.

Automate Firmware Updates

Streamline device updating by using Velocity Device Manager to push new firmware to multiple products at once. You can schedule automated firmware updates at a convenient date and time.

Credential Mass Update

Velocity Device Manager allows mass password updates for connected devices. Simplifying conformance with customer password policies related to frequency and complexity

OmniStream Virtual Routing

Velocity Device Manager is the essential network resource for centralized configuration and management of OmniStream™ AV over IP systems. It features an intuitive and powerful GUI for routing video, audio, and data over a network of OmniStream AV encoders and decoders, plus interfaces for USB and audio.