Unauthorized Dealer List and Warning

Reminder: Warranties are non-transferable. Second-hand items, including sales from websites such as eBay and Craig’s List, are not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Atlona products are sold in the United States through a network of authorized dealers selected by Atlona. Some of these dealers may have Internet sites on which they are authorized by Atlona to sell a select mix of our products. Atlona dealers have been chosen for their ability to properly represent, sell and, in some cases, service Atlona products. Atlona provides a warranty on products sold only by our authorized dealers.

Unfortunately, Atlona products are sometimes sold by companies that are not authorized to do so. Goods sold by these unauthorized companies are not purchased from Atlona; instead, they are acquired from a host of other sources. Due to the nature of the goods sold by unauthorized dealers and their business practices, products sold by unauthorized dealers are not entitled to Atlona warranty coverage.

We are using our best efforts (including this warning) to prohibit these companies from selling Atlona products, but these practices may still exist. We urge you to use diligence when selecting a dealer to make your purchase.

Please locate the seller’s name on our Authorized Online Dealer List or contact us directly at 1-877-536-3976 before you purchase.

Special note regarding Amazon.com and eBay.com sales:

    • Atlona only authorizes the sale of discontinued products on Amazon.com and eBay.com. The sole online agents for these discontinued products are Electronics-Depot and BZB Express Outlet.
    • Current Atlona products are not available for legitimate sale on these two marketplaces.
    • Only orders fulfilled by Electronics-Depot on Amazon.com and BZB Express Outlet on eBay.com qualify for the Atlona Factory Warranty.

The following online companies are not authorized to sell Atlona products (this list is not inclusive):


  • Action Packaged INC
  • Amazing Deals Online
  • Audioguruguy
  • AudioJamOnline
  • AUDIOLAB Since 1958
  • Audio/Visual Hub
  • AVConnectWorks
  • AVIT Electronics
  • AVLGear
  • avSoundz
  • Aztek Computers
  • Broomstick6
  • CoolStuffGuy
  • DC Electronics!
  • Design Werks
  • Digiherd Electronics
  • Electronics Expo
  • Elves Supply
  • Growkart
  • Hatchfields Co.
  • HiDEF Lifestyle
  • iElectronics Online
  • Installers Paradise
  • IT-AV Devices
  • J-Electronics
  • J&R Mega Store
  • Justin Time Merchandise
  • Krillic
  • Lion Discount
  • Lpavllc
  • Lummax
  • Made PC
  • NewEgg
  • PMC Quality Products
  • Pro AV Dealer
  • Quality Sound
  • Raysan and Carter
  • SetCube
  • SoleSource AV Supply
  • Solid Signal
  • SoundApproach
  • Sound Distributors Inc.
  • Sound Image
  • Toslink
  • Transource Computers
  • VetInternetCo
  • Visible Light
  • Vistalinx
  • Watchdogsecurity


  • Beijing Minghao Technology Co., Ltd