Executives and professionals have been working remotely out of their home environments. Many, if not most will find it necessary to continue to work out of their residences for the foreseeable future.

Online meetings over Zoom, Microsoft® Teams®, and other platforms are an important part of the reality for remote working professionals. Over time, however, the experience of huddling over a laptop screen and camera can become fatiguing, especially when having to participate in several hours of meetings each day.


To help improve the online meeting experience, Atlona offers a system ideal for a home office setting that includes the OME-EX-TX transmitter, OME-SR21 switching receiver, and HDVS-CAM, a camera designed specifically for video conferencing.

This simple but very effective AV system solution can replicate the meeting room environment with a wall-mounted display and camera. This allows the worker or executive to communicate with remote participants in a natural and comfortable posture.


There is a quickly emerging necessity in educational institutions for instruction to be provided to students off-campus and at home. The desire is to replicate the in-person teaching experience as much as possible. The challenge is even more acute if the instructor needs to work from home.

A key for any system solution would be to capture the instructor next to the screen, as in a normal class session. The system also should be adaptable to a range of functional requirements.


Atlona offers the OME-MS42-KIT and HDVS-CAM camera. This combination provides essential AV and USB device interfacing for the camera, a display, and the instructor’s laptop running Zoom or other video conferencing platform, plus USB extension to place the camera sufficiently away from the instructor.

If acquired for the instructor’s home, the system can later be installed permanently in a classroom with a document camera, audio system, and a PC or appliance for lecture capture.

Application Design

AV extension for camera and display

HDBaseT technology in the OME-EX-TX transmitter and OME-SR21 receiver makes it simple to replicate a meeting room environment, by extending AV and USB data from the laptop on the desk, to the camera and display on the wall. A single Category cable links between the transmitter and receiver.

This system is very easy to operate without the need to press buttons, and automatically powers the display up or down. The OME-SR21 includes an additional HDMI for a source device, such as an Apple® TV® media player for AirPlay® content sharing from an iPad®.

Furthermore, this system can readily be migrated later into the office, for installation into a meeting room, the executive’s office, or repurposed into other AV system designs.

Cost-effective system option also available

The AT-OME-EX-KIT-LT is an extender for HDMI and USB that’s ideal for budget-sensitive requirements. It offers the same ability to connect a laptop at the desk and camera at the display, with a single Category cable connecting between the two locations.

Both the OME-EX-KIT-LT and OME-EX-TX / OME-SR21 system designs allow the addition of a USB audio peripheral such as a speakerphone or mic at the desk, or a soundbar at the display.

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The Atlona AT-OME-EX-TX transmits AV and USB over HDBaseT to the OME-SR21 at the display. The integrated USB hub interfaces with the laptop for running a Zoom or Microsoft Teams session. The OME-EX-TX does not require an AC outlet – it is conveniently powered over HDBaseT by the OME-SR21.

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The Atlona AT-OME-EX-RX receives video and USB from the OME-EX-TX over HDBaseT. All that’s required is a standard network cable to link between the two devices. The OME-SR21 provides a local HDMI input, and can be set to automatically power a display on or off based on incoming video signal presence over HDBaseT.

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The Atlona AT-OME-EX-KIT-LT is a cost-effective HDBaseT extender for sending AV and USB from the desk to the display on the wall. The transmitter is conveniently powered by the receiver over HDBaseT, avoiding the need for an AC outlet near the desk.

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The Atlona AT-HDVS-CAM is a PTZ camera designed to deliver professional-quality HD imaging for video conferencing and remote meetings. The HDVS-CAM includes controls for pan, tilt, and zoom using the handheld remote control, or within compatible apps such as Zoom Rooms.

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