AV Tech Alliance Program

Atlona’s TAP Community

Atlona’s AV Technology Alliance Program (TAP) community members have exclusive access to Atlona benefits and admittance to a global audiovisual technology community. TAP members are regarded as technology leaders in their organizations and in today’s evolving audiovisual market.

What is Atlona’s Technology Alliance Program?

The TAP program is a free resource for anyone who works in a leadership role involved in audiovisual, IT or collaboration role within their organization who want to develop and grow their knowledge of audiovisual technology. As an expanding community of like-minded individuals from enterprise, consulting, or engineering organizations around the globe, we are all working together as a team create the best place to share information on AV technology and solutions available. Whether you are interested in technology, leading the way for new solutions, or want to interact with a group of experienced industry leaders, the Technology Alliance Program is the place to be.

Once you complete the online Atlona Academy Certification, you gain additional benefits. Elite benefits include product road map access, beta testing opportunities and more.

What’s in it for me?

TAP Community Members get exclusive access to a global community and Atlona resources— design services, technology support, technical training and the latest product updates. You will be given insider access to an Atlona team that caters to your needs and will support you and your organization’s growth and awareness.

TAP Community Benefits

  • Access to the global TAP Community.
  • Members Only access to exclusive special offers, content, and events!
  • Direct access to product evaluation
  • Enrollment in Atlona Academy online certification training
  • Insider access to new product and service announcements
  • Expert sales engineering and system design advice
  • Dedicated TAP community support hotline*

Additional Benefits for TAP Community Members:

  • Exclusive access to road map discussions
  • Eligibility to participate in product beta testing
  • Invitations to Atlona Technology Summits
*US and Canada Only

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