New Products Brochure Vol. 1 2021

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Enhancing Experiences Everywhere Infographic

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Office 2.0: The Return to the Post-COVID Office

The global COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching impacts. Among them, the almost-overnight explosion of working from home. Organizations throughout the world closed offices and sent office employees home to work. Looking forward, we ask the question, “what comes next?” Panduit and Atlona have partnered to explore this topic. Click to learn more.

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Application Guides

Dual Display Conference Room

Meeting spaces provide a chance for people to collaborate, sharing divergent designs, plans, and viewpoints. Adding video conferencing capabilities allows teams to be spread over geographical distances. A single display is often…

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Informational Video Wall

Schools, colleges, and universities have vast amounts of information to communicate to students, even outside
the classroom. This includes class schedules, campus events, safety procedures, menus, weather, emergency…

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Hyflex Classroom

More than ever, schools are looking for alternatives to traditional methods of instruction. HyFlex classrooms include technology that facilitates live face-to-face and online instruction, while also allowing students to view…

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Home Office and Classroom

“Home office” has become a common phrase in households worldwide as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The term refers to spaces serving a variety of purposes including parents hosting business meetings…

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Touch-Free Meeting Room

When business begins to return to a “new normal,” it will likely be with guidelines to protect employee safety and continue preventing the spread of COVID-19. Of obvious concern is the typical meeting room AV system that….

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Distance Learning

Since educational institutions are currently unable to meet with students directly, they are interested in solutions for providing instruction to students who are off-campus or at home. The desire is to replicate the in-person teaching….

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BYOD Conference Room

Conference rooms are designed to cater to a wide variety of presenters and media from all over the world. Technology needs to operate simply and smoothly, so that the AV doesn’t overshadow sales presentations, new….

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Wireless Classroom

Standard classrooms are where many higher education and K-12 students receive the bulk of their instruction. Typically, these spaces include audiovisual capabilities that allow the instructor to share content from a variety of….

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Study Room

Study rooms provide a quiet space for students to concentrate on their work in private or in small groups. For the latter, an AV system with large flat panel display allow participants to share content from their personal….

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