More than ever, schools and students are looking for alternatives to traditional methods of conducting and attending classes. Leading educational institutions are currently pursuing a hybrid / flexible, or HyFlex, course model that provides a variety of options for delivering lesson materials. HyFlex classrooms must include AV technology that facilitates live face-to-face and online instruction (synchronous), while also allowing students to view recorded course content on demand (asynchronous).


The Atlona OME-MS42 matrix switcher with USB provides connections for the instructors AV sources and its HDBaseT output connects to an Atlona OME-EX-RX receiver that supplies video to the projector. The classroom has two Atlona HDVS-CAM PTZ cameras, one dedicated to then instructor and the other directed at the classroom students. Instructor and room microphones are also included. USB integration is a key element of this solution. Conferencing applications such as Zoom or Microsoft® Teams® allow selection of the instructor’s microphone and camera for direct instruction, or the room microphone and camera for group discussions between in-class and online students. Recordings of the lesson are uploaded to a learning management system for later, on-demand use.


There is a quickly emerging necessity in educational institutions for instruction to be provided to students off-campus and at home. The desire is to replicate the in-person teaching experience as much as possible. The challenge is even more acute if the instructor needs to work from home.

A key for any system solution would be to capture the instructor next to the screen, as in a normal class session. The system also should be adaptable to a range of functional requirements.


Atlona offers the OME-MS42-KIT and HDVS-CAM camera. This combination provides essential AV and USB device interfacing for the camera, a display, and the instructor’s laptop running Zoom or other video conferencing platform, plus USB extension to place the camera sufficiently away from the instructor.

If acquired for the instructor’s home, the system can later be installed permanently in a classroom with a document camera, audio system, and a PC or appliance for lecture capture.

Application Design

AV + USB Extension for Instruction

The OME-MS42 matrix switcher provides AV and USB connections for the instructor’s laptop and the room PC. The HDBaseT output of the switcher connects to an Atlona OME-EX-RX receiver that supplies video and control signals to the projector.

One HDVS-CAM PTZ camera is focused on the instructor, and its USB signal is routed back to the switcher through the OME-EX-RX receiver. The second HDVS-CAM faces the classroom and uses the USB-EX100-KIT USB extender to route its USB signal back to the OME-MS42. An audio digital signal processor, or DSP, provides instructor and room microphone audio to the switcher over USB. These USB signals are available to the Zoom or Microsoft® Teams® conferencing application running on the instructor laptop or room PC, allowing the instructor to select the appropriate camera and audio for either direct instruction or class participation.

An intuitive graphical user interface, or GUI, on the Atlona Velocity VTP-800 touch panel and VGW-HW-3 hardware gateway act as the control system for the room. User input from the touch panel, or a BYOD smartphone or tablet, controls system power, source selection, audio level, and camera presets.

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Products Featured


The Atlona AT-OME-MS42 is a 4×2 matrix switcher with HDMI, USB-C, and DisplayPort inputs. It also features USB interfacing for distance learning applications with Zoom or Microsoft® Teams®.

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The Atlona AT-OME-EX-RX receives video and USB from the OME-MS42 over HDBaseT. All that’s required is a standard network cable to link between the two devices. The OME-EX-RX can conveniently be powered by the matrix switcher over this connection.

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The Atlona AT-HDVS-CAM is a PTZ camera designed to deliver professional-quality HD imaging for video conferencing and remote meetings. The HDVS-CAM includes controls for pan, tilt, and zoom using the handheld remote control, or within compatible apps such as Zoom Rooms.

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The Atlona AT-USB-EX100-KIT is a high speed USB extender kit. It is ideal for use with popular conferencing applications such as Zoom® and Microsoft® Teams®, where USB components including laptops, cameras, microphones, and speakers are located in different areas of the room.

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The Atlona AT-VGW-HW-3 is a Velocity™ System hardware gateway that supports up to 3 rooms of AV control, up to 6 room of scheduling, and includes the Atlona Management System (AMS) for centralized configuration and management of Atlona IP-controllable products.

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The Atlona AT-OME-EX-RX receives video and USB from the OME-EX-TX over HDBaseT. All that’s required is a standard network cable to link between the two devices. The OME-SR21 provides a local HDMI input, and can be set to automatically power a display on or off based on incoming video signal presence over HDBaseT.

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The Atlona Gain™ 120 (AT-GAIN-120) is a compact power amplifier. Switch selectable low or high impedance operation allows it to deliver either two channels of 60 watts each into 4 or 8 ohms, or a single channel of 120 watts at 70 or 100 volts.

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