Bundled AV Systems Reduce Design, Configuration, and Installation Requirements

Remote work and hybrid in-office schedules are already the norm for many businesses. To ensure success, these organizations need to implement technology that allows their employees to seamlessly communicate and collaborate no matter where they are located.

Our occupancy sensor works directly with Atlona AV systems

An important end-user expectation with AV systems is that they be simple to operate with little or no effort.
In this respect, there is nothing more basic than walking into an empty meeting room, your presence being detected, and then the system powering up automatically for you.

Leveraging Velocity to Enable Mute Synchronization with Teams or Zoom

AV in the modern conference room can get complicated, but users demand that it be easy and intuitive. They expect to be able to use Microsoft Teams or Zoom in whatever way they see fit – with a built in room PC, a Zoom Rooms or Microsoft Teams Rooms codec, or connecting their laptop at whichever connection point is most convenient.