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Automate PTZ Framing Using Beamforming Microphones

PTZ cameras offer superior quality and control for conference room and classroom applications over typical webcams. Optical zoom and precise control of pan and tilt angles allow users to perfectly frame a presenter or subject matter to provide the highest quality video image.

Outlook 21 Part I: Scalable AV for IT

Panduit had long had its eye on the AV industry upon acquiring Atlona two years ago. We had seen growing interest from our IT customers seeking AV solutions that would cleanly integrate within our network infrastructure solutions. This was clearly influenced by the gravitation toward AV over IP with our enterprise-level customers, particularly in the corporate and education verticals.

Outlook 21 Part II: What’s in Store for 2021

Never have I been so excited to see a year in the rear-view mirror. 2020 was like no other; probably the most difficult year most of us had. Partners, integrators, consultants, educators as well as the Atlona team and our families, we all felt the impact of 2020 in some way.

AV over IP vs. HDBaseT Distribution

In recent years, there has been a lot of discussion regarding AV over IP becoming the predominant method for moving audiovisual content around conference rooms and classrooms, as well as entire enterprises. While AV over IP is the latest thing in our industry, the most appropriate solution is really going to depend on the specific requirements of the application. The purpose of this article to highlight the nature and configuration of AV over IP alongside that of more traditional HDBaseT distribution, in order to help narrow down the choice. But first, lets get started with some descriptions.

Safe and Easy AV

I have always considered myself somewhat of an AV control geek. Fascinated by the challenge of figuring out ways to have disparate pieces of equipment come together as a cohesive system.

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