The Value of Customer Feedback – HETMA Approved

As a manufacturer of integrated AV solutions, it is vital to understand the needs of our customers and their applications as well as new technologies and trends in order to create products and services to address them. However, we have a variety of different customers including distributors who stock our products, integrators who specify, install, and support them, and end users who use them on a daily basis. Unfortunately, these customers are not always aligned regarding technology, features, price, or any number of other measures. For a product to be successful, it is our responsibility balance these requirements and come up with the optimal solution. 

Our primary business model is based on distribution and integration partnerships, and we are in direct communication with them regarding product roadmap. It is firsthand feedback on end user experiences that is one of the more difficult things for us to gather. But, one program helping to close this gap is “HETMA Approved” from the Higher Education Technology Mangers Alliance (HETMA).

HETMA, is the official advocacy organization for higher education in the AV industry. Its goal is to communicate the unique needs and challenges of technology managers to manufacturers, vendors, and administrators. The HETMA Approved program evaluates products in real environments to confirm they perform as specified and meet the demands of higher education. HETMA members designing and installing approved products can be assured they will perform as intended.

HETMA Approved Atlona Products

We are proud to announce that the following Atlona products are HETMA Approved:

  • AT-OME-CS31-SA – Three-Input Switcher for HDMI Signals, Mixer Amplifier, and USB Hub
  • AT-OME-MS42-KIT – 4×2 Matrix Switcher with USB and HDBaseT Receiver for HDMI with USB
  • AT-OME-SR21 – 2×1 AV Switcher and Receiver with Scaler and USB – HDBaseT and HDMI Inputs
  • AT-OME-SW21-TX-WPC – Wallplate HDBaseT Transmitter for HDMI and USB-C with USB Hub
  • AT-VKP-8E – 8 Button Keypad Controller

Benefits of End User Testing

The HETMA Approved program has subject matter experts that test products in real environments so users can have confidence in the products they install in classrooms. This independent review of products in an environment where they will be used provides the following benefits:

  • Feedback: End user evaluation provides direct feedback to manufacturers and developers. It allows them to understand how their products are being used in real-world scenarios, what features are appreciated, and what improvements can be made. This information is invaluable for product development and refinement.
  • Quality Assurance: End user evaluation helps ensure the quality and reliability of a product. Users may encounter issues or shortcomings that were not detected during initial testing. Identifying and addressing these issues early on can improve product performance. 
  • Customer Satisfaction: Ultimately, the goal of any product is to satisfy the needs and wants of its users. End user evaluation helps gauge customer satisfaction levels and identify areas where a solution excels or needs work. This information can be used to enhance the overall user experience and build long-term customer loyalty.
  • Competitive Advantage: In a competitive market, understanding the preferences and pain points of end users can provide a significant advantage. Products that align closely with user needs and preferences are more likely to gain market share and outperform competitors.
  • Innovation and Differentiation: End user evaluation can inspire innovation and differentiation. By closely listening to user feedback, manufacturers can identify opportunities to introduce new features or functions that address unmet needs or improve upon existing solutions. 

Our goal at Atlona is to redefine the future of educational and commercial environments by providing reliable, user-friendly, and innovative audiovisual solutions. Unending inquiry and research into the applications we serve as well as our customers’ needs informs the development of our solutions. Teaming up with HETMA is just one example of our commitment to making sure key voices in our industry are heard.