Bundled AV Systems Reduce Design, Configuration, and Installation Requirements

Remote work and hybrid in-office schedules are already the norm for many businesses. To ensure success, these organizations need to implement technology that allows their employees to seamlessly communicate and collaborate no matter where they are located. Huddle spaces, conference rooms, and other meeting areas should be outfitted with display, video, and audio components that facilitate discussion with colleagues in-person, remotely via videoconferencing, or both at the same time. This new reality means a dramatic increase in the demand for flexible AV systems and represents a tremendous opportunity for integrators that can manage it effectively.

Many of our partners have expressed interest in bidding on more projects, but often lack the resources to handle the workload. Project bids are time-consuming tasks that require a lot of design expertise, knowledge of equipment from several different suppliers, and assurance that those components will work together. For standard meeting spaces, it’s just not feasible to develop custom designs in response to numerous proposal requests.

Atlona Room Kits were developed to reduce these design efforts as well as streamline procurement and install quickly. This product line includes bundled AV systems for a variety of common meeting spaces and are available directly from Atlona distributors and integrators. Benefits of going with an Atlona Room Kit solution include:

Single SKU – Ordering from one vendor with a single part number reduces paperwork, complexity, and time. Systems ship complete and provide reliable logistics, forecasting, and budgeting.

Pre-Configured – The kits are assembled and tested prior to shipment, arriving 80% complete. The Velocity™ control system comes pre-loaded with a default configuration.

Fast Installation – An enclosure with pre-installed AV components arrives ready-to-hang, and discreetly mounts behind the display. After connecting power, cabling, establishing the appropriate network settings, and initial system testing, finish up with a commissioning video conference conducted by support personnel to verify video and audio quality as well as functionality.

Repeatable – System standardization means more rooms can be installed faster and more reliably than customized solutions. Every room works the same, reducing training requirements and making support easier.

Caption = Exclusive wall-mounted rack arrives ready-to-hang with equipment and cabling pre-installed.

The key to Atlona Room Kits is that they are a complete solution less the display. Components from multiple vendors are included and integrated to work as a pre-configured system. No more purchasing individual pieces from different sources then trying to find the resources on how to get them to work together. Take our Medium Conference Room, AT-ARK-MC-104-KIT, for example. AV switching, control, amplification, and camera are from one company, DSP, microphone, and speakers are from another, network switch is from another, power distribution is from another, cabling and display mounts are from a few others. No less than six manufacturers are involved, but you get a system from Atlona that is basically ready to go with a single part number.

Caption – Diagram of the ARK-MC-104-KIT that includes all major AV components, cabling, and mounting. Sources and display are not included, but the display may be purchased separately from your system provider and the driver preconfigured in the control system.

For more information on the complete line of Atlona Room Kits for huddle, conference room, and training spaces visit atlona.com/ark or contact your Atlona representative.

About the Author

Robert Bird is a Product Marketing Manager for Atlona. Over the past few decades, he has worked for several AV manufacturers in a variety of marketing, business development, sales, and support capacities. In his free time, he enjoys attempting YouTube DIY projects, trying not to be so bad at guitar, perfecting his pickleball third shot drop, and carving canyons on his sport bike.