Platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom enable cost-effective video conferencing for hybrid meetings. This allows workers in the office to collaborate with their colleagues working from home.

The most important objective is to ensure that everyone, especially out-of-office participants, are fully engaged and readily able to interact with one another. This is commonly referred to as “meeting equity.” 

However, the challenge arises when relying on the built-in camera and mic of a a local participant’s laptop. This often results in a less-than-desirable video and audio experience for remote participants, making them feel disengaged with people in the room.


To help alleviate this issue, Atlona offers the Captivate™ Series AT-CAP-FC110 ePTZ camera and AT-CAP-SP100 speakerphone, so remote workers can readily see and hear their counterparts onsite.

The CAP-FC110 can automatically frame the image so people are always front and center in the field of view. The speakerphone features a mic array to capture presenters in the room, and delivers high-quality audio from remote participants.

The Omega™ AT-OME-MH21 provides automatic AV + USB switching for two presenters, with a USB hub for sharing the camera and speakerphone between them.

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Divisible rooms require flexibility to accommodate AV applications based on whether the room is divided or open (combined). The AV system solution needs to be easily configured for a single AV presentation, or two simultaneous but independent presentation sessions, with a simple means of switching back and forth between divided and open-room AV modes of operation.

The AV system design also needs to provide connectivity for presenter devices in each divided room. Additional AV functions may include content sharing to overflow rooms and video conferencing.


Networked AV provides the most flexible and straightforward approach to system design for a divisible room. A standard off-the-shelf, 24-port Gigabit Ethernet switch serves as the heart of the system. Simple network connections to endpoint locations handle presenter and source device connections, the displays, a DSP, amplifiers for sound reinforcement, and cameras for video conferencing.

AV over IP system designs are very easily adaptable to large, multi-divisible rooms in convention centers. This is accomplished simply by increasing network switching capacity and specifying the appropriate quantity and type of endpoint devices.

Application Design

Meeting room with OME-MH21, CAP-FC110, and CAP-SP100

AV + USB Switching for Huddle Rooms

This is a small yet very effective AV system for hybrid meetings, in areas such as huddle rooms that typically accommodate up to 4 people.

The CAP-FC110 camera offers a wide 110° horizontal field of view, critical to ensuring coverage for compact-sized spaces. The CAP-SP100 speakerphone provides essential audio capture and presentation.

The OME-MH21 automatically switches between two laptops. A presenter can connect for video conferencing via HDMI and USB, or just a single USB-C connection combining AV and USB. Additionally, the OME-MH21 can power up a display from standby, whenever a laptop is connected into the switcher, and vice versa.

Application diagram with OME-MH21, CAP-FC100, and CAP-SP100

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Products Featured


The Atlona AT-OME-MH21 is a compact, versatile switcher with HDMI® and USB-C® inputs. It is equipped with features for complete AV integration in huddle rooms and small meeting spaces, including automatic switching and display control, audio de-embedding, and a USB 3.0 hub for video conferencing peripherals or touch displays.

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The Atlona AT-CAP-FC110 is an ePTZ camera ideal for video conferencing and other applications in huddle rooms and small to medium-sized meeting spaces. This camera features a 110° wide horizontal field of view, electronic pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities, and auto-framing functionality based on detection of up to six participants.

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The Atlona AT-CAP-SP100 is a USB / Bluetooth® speakerphone for use with popular video conferencing platforms including Zoom and Microsoft Teams. The CAP-SP100 provides microphone and speaker audio in a single elegant enclosure suitable for meeting rooms as well as executive and home office environments.

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