Confidentiality has been all but eliminated thanks to the proliferation of open office plans.  Small meeting areas where a few employees can meet, collaborate, and share ideas in a secure place without disrupting the entire office are a necessity.

These flexible huddle rooms typically have low-cost flat panels with inputs for a laptop and use PC-based teleconferencing. The supporting AV equipment needs to be simple yet powerful in order to preserve the ad hoc collaboration that drives the need for these spaces.


From powerful yet small switchers to simple transmitter / receiver combos like the OME-EX-KIT-LT, Atlona has multiple solutions that enable cost-effective huddle rooms. Part of the Omega™ Series of integration products, the OME-EX-KIT delivers excellent performance and value for 4K presentation and video conferencing applications.

The integrated USB extension addresses the challenge of easily connecting between USB devices located in different parts of the room. This includes our Captivate™ Series CAP-FC110 4K ePTZ auto-framing camera and CAP-SP100 USB / Bluetooth® speakerphone which dramatically improve video conferencing performance over native laptop capabilities.

With robust HDBaseT™ extension of video, embedded audio, control, Ethernet, and USB, you can be certain Atlona technology supports collaboration!


Small meeting areas where 2-3 employees can meet, collaborate, and share ideas are necessary because interaction at a cubicle eliminates confidentiality and interrupts nearby workers. But with small spaces, come small budgets. Low-cost flat panels, simple inputs for a laptop or iPad, and PC-based teleconferencing are the components of these basic systems.


From transmitter / receiver combos to small switchers, Atlona has multiple solutions that enable cost-effective huddle rooms. Integrated control, audio de-embedding, and switching make the design simple and repeatable. Advanced Automatic Display Control features make it simple for anyone to use these rooms. With switching, scaling, HDBaseT™ extension for inputs and outputs, and audio de-embedding in a small box, you can be certain Atlona technology supports collaboration!

Application Design

Application diagram with AT-OME-EX-KIT-LT, AT-CAP-FC110, AT-CAP-SP100, and AT-PKT-3H

AV + USB extension for huddle spaces

The OME-EX-KIT-LT is ideal for presentation environments that require extension of AV signals from a table to a display located across the room. It also extends USB signals from the CAP-FC110 camera and CAP-SP100 speakerphone for use in video conferencing applications. .

OME-EX-KIT-LT with CAP-FC110 and CAP-SP100

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The Atlona AT-OME-EX-KIT-LT is a cost-effective HDBaseT extender for sending AV and USB from the desk to the display on the wall. The transmitter is conveniently powered by the receiver over HDBaseT, avoiding the need for an AC outlet near the desk.

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The Atlona Captivate™ AT-CAP-FC110 is an enterprise-grade ePTZ camera ideal for video conferencing in huddle rooms and small to medium-sized meeting spaces. This camera offers a 110° wide horizontal field of view and features electronic pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities, as well as an auto-framing functionality that reframes the camera based on detection of up to six participants.

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The Atlona Captivate™ AT-CAP-SP100 is a USB / Bluetooth® speakerphone for use with popular video conferencing and unified communications platforms. It features a 6-element microphone array for 360-degree voice capture as well as sophisticated audio processing optimized for voice intelligibility, allowing meeting participants to be heard loud and clear.

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The Pocket 3H can accommodate up to three AV cables, supported in place by an insert designed to facilitate easy cable access and return. This cable access enclosure features an aesthetically pleasing, low-profile design to easily blend with any modern or traditional décor.

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Panduit Infrastructure Products

Panduit makes it easy to deploy an AV system over structured cabling, with market-leading, end-to-end solutions from a single supplier. Atlona products are supported by Panduit’s robust, reliable infrastructure portfolio for flexible, scalable AV installations.

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Omega Series Overview

The Atlona Omega™ Series is a new and evolving family of Atlona switching, extension, and video processing solutions for communicating and collaborating around AV content in modern institutions and meeting spaces.

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