Are you ready for HDR?

Are you ready for HDR?

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The Atlona Opus™ Series is the essential, no-compromise 4K HDR distribution solution for premium residential installations requiring whole-house AV distribution over HDBaseT™. With Opus, rest assured that you’ll be serving yourself or your clients with the latest in video technology – high dynamic range (HDR) – today and for years to come.

Don’t compromise with AV systems inhibiting enjoyment of the latest HDR content available from Ultra HD Blu-ray, streaming media services such as Netflix® or Apple® iTunes®, or in the future, television broadcast services. Specify the Opus Series today and ensure you or your customers won’t be missing out.

Key Features


  • 4K HDR distribution system for whole-house AV
  • HDMI® to HDBaseT matrix switchers – 4×6, 6×8, and 8×10
  • HDR formats: HDR10 @ 60 Hz, Dolby Vision™ @ 30 Hz, and HLG
  • Flexible, independent audio matrix switcher
  • Trigger CEC display control to each output
  • Endpoint options: HDBaseT receiver, or 4×1 HDMI + HDBaseT switcher



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OPUS System Products


4K HDR HDMI to HDBaseT Matrix Switcher – 4×6


4K HDR HDMI to HDBaseT Matrix Switcher – 6×8


4K HDR HDMI to HDBaseT Matrix Switcher – 8×10


4K HDR HDBaseT RX for Opus Matrix Switchers


4K HDR HDMI and HDBaseT Switcher for Opus Series Plus ARC, Control, and Power Extension

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The Opus Series is a family of HDMI to HDBaseT matrix switchers fully 4K-capable with 4:4:4 color sampling. They’re also equipped with two HDMI outputs in addition to the HDBaseT outputs, providing integration flexibility for a wide range of residential AV integration requirements and signal distribution scenarios.


Destined for 4K and HDR.

Simply essential for high-performance, residential AV distribution.

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Built for whole-house audio.

Just add a multi-zone amplifier and connect to speakers everywhere.

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Ready to go for system control.

Integrating home automation is as easy as one network connection.

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The Opus Series builds on the enormously successful Atlona UHD-PRO3 Series matrix switchers, with several all-new design features to simplify integration of video, audio, and control while ensuring premium-quality AV experiences for homeowners and home theater enthusiasts alike.

Opus matrix switchers deliver HDBaseT extension on all outputs up to 100 meters (330 feet) for 4K HDR. The 100 meter extension also includes Ethernet, so you can easily extend data networking or IP control to all display locations.

Additionally, two local HDMI outputs are included – a great convenience feature for decoding surround sound in the rack.

The AT-OPUS-RX is the HDBaseT receiver designed specifically for the Opus matrix switcher, with Ethernet and control extension. And you can power all OPUS-RX units right from the switcher.

If that wasn’t enough, here’s another bonus: you can bring in TV return audio and take it all the way back to the matrix switcher.

We’re pleased to offer an additional endpoint option, the AT-OPUS-RX41. This is a great integration piece for localized, in-room AV switching, while also accepting shared AV content delivered from a media closet or other centralized AV equipment location.

Opus matrix switchers are fully equipped for fine-tuning each speaker zone in your whole-house audio system. There’s a five-band equalizer and dedicated volume control for each output channel that directly feeds into the multi-zone amplifier.

For further fine-tuning, we’ve also included a separate gain control for each audio input channel. And that includes the TV return audio over HDBaseT.

One IP network connection to a control processor, and the Opus matrix switcher can pass along IP or RS-232 control commands to all displays. For consumer televisions not equipped with serial control capability, you can directly insert IR control signals over HDBaseT.

Additionally, an Opus matrix switcher can trigger CEC display commands over one or more of its outputs.

Opus also offers the ability to remotely control a source device from any display location. This is a great convenience for residential installations with shared sources such as set-top boxes in a media closet.

A frequent limiting factor in HDBaseT system performance is the integrity of the twisted pair cable link, due to the quality of the cable or termination (or both). To simplify troubleshooting and problem resolution, we’ve added built-in HDBaseT link testing for each output.

The web GUI provides a quick, real-time status check as well as in-depth information with all relevant parameters. This testing feature is also ideal for establishing proof of system performance to your customers.


An Opus matrix switcher serves as the integration centerpiece for whole-house video and audio distribution, as well as control for displays throughout the residence. The Opus Series is equally ideal for a wide range of light commercial applications, such as bars and restaurants where presenting 4K video and HDR may be desirable.

Opus actually offers two matrix switchers in one – with video routing independent from audio matrixing. This simplifies system design and integration, by avoiding the need to add a separate audio matrix switcher.