Every environment has very special and unique requirements for AV distribution and systems integration. Nobody knows that more than Atlona. We are expert in creating smarter solutions tailored for today’s most advanced spaces. Since 2004 Atlona has been at the forefront of smarter signal management for the residential and commercial environments. This depth of experience has enabled us to engineer some of the most advanced AV distribution solutions in the marketplace today. More importantly, we have engineered our products with specific applications in mind.

Explore the diverse settings where Atlona is at the heart of content distribution and see the wide range of solutions that our industry experience has delivered.


Today’s educational environments are populated with more devices and require more collaborative content than ever before.  In today’s “Modern Classroom”, content is originating from a mix of fixed sources and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) sources alike.  The challenge for any classroom is how to connect the multitude of student laptops and other sources.  Atlona’s integrated technologies, including switchers, extenders (transmitters), receivers and audio converters, have been engineered to connect students to one another as well as their educators and share content with ease.Atlona has been at the heart of modern and flipped classrooms for years because we understand that advanced classroom technology enables schools to attract top students. Enhancing content distribution so teachers can focus on teaching.  Atlona allows schools to leverage technology to deliver a greater educational experience.

Common Meeting Spaces
As devices and displays have been more mobile and affordable, they have spread from the classrooms to the meeting spaces of schools and campuses such as cafeterias, student centers, dorms and the library.  Whether students are connecting to these systems or they feature general entertainment or digital signage, Atlona knows it takes a specific system to drive these signals.Schools have relied on Atlona’s suite of distribution amplifies as well as audio distribution solutions to create environments where students have a greater sense of home while also promoting events and activities through the use of digital signage.

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Corporate Enterprise

Conference Rooms
Corporate meeting spaces have become not only the focal point for business transactions but for technology as well.  Today’s conference room features multiple displays and projectors, video conferencing systems, cameras, AV and of course portable device connectively.  And all of these components have to seamlessly communicate and transmit content. 

With Atlona at the heart of your conference room, you will be able to integrate all the various solutions onto a single platform, allowing content to be seamlessly distributed no matter what the format.  And with Atlona’s advanced technologies, you can take advantage of the latest formats such as 4K video distribution and all over a single CAT5e/6 cable making installation simple.

Huddle Rooms
The huddle room is one of today’s fastest growing meeting space.  Organizations are building smaller meeting areas where small groups of employees can quickly meet, collaborate, share ideas and move on.  And because these spaces are smaller, so are their budgets.  Atlona has been front and center in this new and dynamic addition to corporate America where inexpensive AV solutions are used for collaboration.  From a transmitter/receiver combo to smaller switchers, Atlona has a variety of solutions that create a cost effective huddle room.

Whole Home

Home entertainment has become more than putting a home theatre in a living area.  Today’s homes connect every room together for shared media sources such media servers, Blu-Ray players, portable devices such as laptops and phones as well as streaming content.  With an Atlona system, you can not only connect all of these sources but distribute them easily around the house to any zone.  Atlona brings smarter home solutions to your home theatre, patio, bedroom, kitchen and beyond with switching solutions as well as our converter and scaling solutions.


Today’s sports bars, hotels, restaurants and spas all have one thing in common… An Atlona system driving their media.  Because Atlona is able to distribute uncompressed HD over a single CAT5e/6 cable up to 328ft and locally over HDMI on a single platform, our solutions have become the backbone for hospitality venues of all forms.  Atlona delivers a state of the art facility where guests receive an experience that they will remember and keeps them coming back.


Technology is making it possible for healthcare providers to administer care in ways that were previously unimaginable.  From telemedicine services to just connecting paramedics in the field to specialists in other locations, such as hospitals.  Atlona is in the center of these infrastructure expansions enabling physicians to provide greater and more convenient care to patients and collaborate with other physicians.

House of Worship

The foundation of any service at any house of worship is communicating a message.  And today’s technology allows more enhanced ways to communicate than ever before.  Houses of worship are turning to advanced AV solutions and video to attract members, keep parishioner’s focus.  Atlona’s solutions drive audio and video throughout the parish without obstructive components and wiring that distract from the most important aspect… the message.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is a versatile and cost effective way to engage & educate people, advertise and build awareness of new products/services. It is also a very inexpensive way to message an audience. Atlona’s digital signage solutions are anchored by our suite of distribution amplifiers which drive content, including 4K resolutions delivering dynamic displays that magnify positive customer experiences.