“I’m following up to let everyone at Atlona know that they have an outstanding associate in Stan Katsyuk. Last week I had an issue with an RMA and Stan went above and beyond to provide support to our client and in representing your company in an exemplary manner. Stan, Thanks again!”

-Ron Cunningham


“In one of our recent installations of a large project where the cables were drawn at site but the display devices were not installed due to dusty conditions, we wanted to test the cables for signal, continuity and any potential fault or damages. We tested with the Atlona Portable Signal Generator AT-HD800 as the source running HDMI signals through these installed cables to the Atlona 7” Portable Testing Monitor AT-DIS7-PROHD connected as the Sync and were very impressed to see true HD on the screen with all other parameters tested ok. We saved time and effort.

Although it is very clever to include the AT-BAT-DIS7PRO as a rechargeable battery pack in the Kit, the installers at site happily use it to charge their cellphones, as it very dependably does and very quickly so!”

-Kaushik Mukhopadhyay

Integrated Audio Visual

“Stan Katsyuk is an excellent customer service person. I had trouble with my Atlona HDMI transmitter and receiver and he patiently walked me through the diagnostics. Believe me he needed the patience as I am not tech oriented. He was able to keep me calm during this procedure even though my anxiety was very high.

Atlona needs to be congratulated for finding Stan and keeping him on the payroll. All companies could utilize a person like Stan as many are not good at customer service.

I would be willing to expand on his qualities should you wish to communicate with me further.”
-Ed Hammond

Hammond Creative Systems Inc.

“Thank you so much for great customer service that made replacing these units easy and stress free!! You stand by your product and ensure customer satisfaction! Amazing company and products! Thank you.”
-Kelly Haynes

Florida’s Vision Quest

“Thanks, Mark. I am very happy with the Atlona product for Value and Performance. I am sold on your service and support!”
-Victor Quarterman

Fox Music Inc.

“Hi Mark, I am confused as to which person I should email to express my thanks and satisfaction for the excellent service that you provided for us last week. Not sure if it is Guido or the person on the first email where you outlined the problem in detail.

Again, I want you to know how appreciative Jeffrey and I were for your help and advice in dealing with this problem. In this day & age of technology it is so refreshing to come across a person that was willing to spend the time and effort necessary in order to solve a problem and make it right for the customer.”
-Carol Diamond

“Would like other product companies to follow your example.”
-Rudy Escobedo

“Fantastic to work with!”
-Joe Sorenson
McDonald Automotive

“Every time we call you guys the service is class A.”
-Jude Harper
Harper Technology Group

“Awesome customer service.”
-Joseph Castillo
Internet Connectivity Group

“The tech support representative went beyond my expectations, personally locating the switcher device of my
inquiry and testing it to be able to answer my question.”
-Sterling Lawrence

“The rep in the phone was very articulate and got the issue resolved promptly.”
-Nick Wigley
Magnolia Audio Video

“Guido processes my RMAs at lighting speed! Great guy to work with.”
-Dawn McKngiht

“Very expedient and friendly service. Thanks.”
OEB Group Inc.

“I can always count on Atlona product and staff. Amazing product and great staff to work with.”
Premier Studios

“Very professional, and prompt. Wish all technology companies were like this.”
-Walter Ayrault

“I appreciate the follow up from tech support.”
American Home Entertainment

“My experience with this RA was great! It was very fast and smooth!”
Amy Gibbs

“I have to say the more I use Atlona the better I like it. Your company makes great products at a great price. Joel and Lawrence have proven to me that Atlona cares about their customers!”
Charles Tappa
Pro Sound Service Inc.

“Atlona is a great partner to have. The service is as exceptional as the product.”
Winston Fagan
CCS Presentation Systems

“I really appreciate the patience and understanding displayed during the support call. Every avenue was explored, and the result of the due diligence? Success!! I LOVE the products, and the support people truly support, I am grateful to sell such a product and be backed by a company with excellent support, it is not commonplace anymore. Thank so very much Atlona!!”
Rochelle Howard
Ellehcor Home Automation

“This was my first interaction with Atlona on any subject. It lived up to my impression of the company as a whole, as a top shelf electronics company.”
Elliot Darchicourt
Vision Technologies, Inc.

“The rep not only answered my question immediately, when I told him about an omission in the literature, he said he would make sure the information got to the documentation folks”
Andy Wander
USIS Audio Visual

“I want you to know how appreciative Jeffrey and I were for your help and advice in dealing with this problem. In this day & age of technology it is so refreshing to come across a person that was willing to spend the time and effort necessary in order to solve a problem and make it right for the customer. Thank you again for everything”
Carol Diamond

“This was my second experience with tech support. You folk are truly differentiating yourselves with efficient and seamless technical support I my opinion. Both tech support and returns department provided frequent and timely updates. I’ll continue to recommend Atlona to my customers.”
John Cross
Home Smarts

“I was very impressed wit the quick response, regular follow up and good technical knowledge. Special mention needs to be made of Sulaiman “Sal” Akbarzad who was outstanding along with his colleague, sorry I don’t remember his name.”
Aldon Hartley Lecture Theatre Managwer
University of Aucklnad , New Zealand

“I thought the guy who answered my queries was patient and knowledgeable, superb customer service but I was enquiring about £10k worth of gear so maybe it is to be expected – however it was gratefully received!!”
Ian Grace
More Than AV

“Great product and great support. I don’t see this level of tech support very often. Keep up the good work.”
Daryl Kidwell
Lead Technician, Raetech Communications Ltd

Jason Arnett
Audio Video Guys, Inc.

“Support was perfect, thank you.”

“Never heard of Atlona til I bought this HDMI splitter. Your service rocks. Thanks Mark.”
Damon Gregory

“This was my first time using Altona products and I needed a little installation assistance. Stan “The Man” resolved all of my issued and hung in there with me. Thanks! Joe Fabrizio JFab Design LLC”
Joe Fabrizio
JFab Design LLC

“I could not have asked for a more agreeable experience in solving the problem I had. This is the highest level of excellent customer service. MHB.”
Marty Bronson

“Ryan helped me through the issue i had with one of the atlona devices. Very knowledgable and very helpful. Thank you.”

“Not only did Art respond to my request for support at lightning speed, he also followed up on my email reply with a phone call! Unheard of in this industry! I just don’t have enough praise for that. Your company is a great example of a domestic business doing things right. Well done Atlona!”
Tony Oustabassidis

“Thanks for taking care of my Atlona Monitor Test Equipment. I use this monitor for many applications especially during installations during the project. It sure is nice knowing that you have worked out all of the bugs in the system before you dress wires and close the project up.”
Audio Advice