Atlona Management System

The Atlona Management System (AMS) is a powerful system integration resource for configuring and managing Atlona devices over a network. With AMS, simplify and streamline AV installation from a single user portal that lets you discover, set up, and commission multiple Atlona IP-controllable products at once.

Once installation is completed and the system handed over to your client, AMS provides continual system monitoring, event notifications, and the ability to manage and schedule firmware updates.

AMS is available as a compact, easy-to-install server appliance, or a free software application.

AMS Essential Features


Automatic Device Discovery

AMS can scan the network, detect newly connected Atlona devices, and add them to your system configuration – all with a single mouse click.

Multi-Device Configuration

Save valuable time by creating and then duplicating a device configuration across identical Atlona products. Organize Atlona installations into specific locations such as buildings and rooms.

Simple Web Browser Access

AMS runs off a server appliance, or software on a PC or virtual machine. AMS can be simply accessed through a standard web browser over a network connection to the server or PC.

Alerts and Event Logging

Device Control and Management

An individual device can be configured, controlled, and monitored, with the same capabilities available through the device’s web interface.

Automate Firmware Updates

Streamline device updating by using AMS to push new firmware to multiple products at once. You can schedule automated firmware updates at a convenient date and time.

Alerts and Event Logging

Device status and activity are continually monitored and logged by AMS. Fault detection alerts are immediately issued through the AMS web GUI.

OmniStream Virtual Routing

AMS is the essential network resource for centralized configuration and management of OmniStream AV over IP systems. AMS features an intuitive and powerful GUI for routing video, audio, and data over a network of OmniStream AV encoders and decoders, plus interfaces for USB and audio.

To learn more about the Atlona Management System, please visit the product page for the server appliance or software application.