Virtual Reality with AV over IP

Everyone has heard about virtual reality (VR) these days. Originally associated with gaming, the expanding number of available headsets at a reduced price has made VR possible for many more applications. Typically, the hardware for processing VR software needed to be located in the same area as the person experiencing it. Atlona’s OmniStream removes this limitation thanks to its low-latency, high frame rate, and high resolution video capabilities.

Advances in OmniStream’s networked AV technology enable applications for VR that no one thought possible, resulting in location independent workspaces, cost savings, and enhanced collaboration.

Atlona Virtual Reality


The higher education market has seen dramatic shifts in teaching methods changing how students and teachers interact and engage with each other. Technologies like virtual reality complement these changes and allow students to find a new way of communicating and connecting with the learning experience.

Atlona’s OmniStream platform supports VR in the classroom by allowing PCs running the VR application to be safely placed in an equipment room allowing controlled access by the technical staff. Students and teachers from any classroom can use headsets and a keyboard and mouse in the room to control the VR-enabled PC.

The possibilities are wide open

Medical students can see inside the brain through a realistic, 3D, VR model to understand how viruses spread to the brain and cause encephalitis. Future engineers can immerse themselves in a design for a new jet engine ensuring the reliability required for commercial airline engines. These are only a couple of possibilities that new technologies such as VR enable to engage and captivate the next generation of doctors and explorers.

People learn at different paces and react to different stimulus in an educational environment. Everyone benefits from a more lifelike and hands-on experience through virtual reality. The hope is that with Atlona’s OmniStream technology, the education system can enrich students lives to help them be more successful in life and contribute to a better world.

Additional Use Case: Training

Businesses from all market segments are recognizing that training employees, customers, and sales representatives is extremely beneficial to their combined success. Atlona’s OmniStream AV over IP products enable immersive training using virtual reality technology.

Through the advances in image quality, lower latency, and reduced bandwidth requirements, OmniStream allows VR viewing in a boardroom, training area, or conference room while the VR PC workstation is located in the R&D department or elsewhere. For example, sales engineers can see first-hand exactly how a new power generator will function before they go into the field to work with their utility customers.

Additional Use Case: Architecture

Another market seeing the benefits of using VR is architecture. For example, after months of work, an architectural firm with a new, multi-million dollar museum commission needs to present their unique vision to the museum’s foundation members. A shared VR experience is a fantastic way to immerse them in the building and really get a feel for the space.

Previously, each set of goggles would need to be connected to an individual workstation that powered the experience. Today, OmniStream transports the VR data across their network from a single, high-powered PC, allowing the firm to lead the tour around the new building delivering an impressive, immersive experience that wows investors.

System Diagram

Atlona’s OmniStream products are the perfect solution for VR over IP installations.  With the ability to transmit video, audio, and USB over a standard office network, OmniStream enables a world of possibilities in a range of applications.

The diagram on the left maps out a simple solution, allowing the VR PC to be stationed with the design group or developers.  For viewing, the VR headset and breakout box can easily be used in any conference room, training area, or other room connected to the network.

Simply plug in and go!


Virtual reality is just one example of emerging technologies that are enabled or enhanced through the use of Atlona’s OmniStream network AV products. Providing a cost-effective and simple way to extend audio, video and control over a standard 1Gb Enterprise network, OmniStream products provide a unique blend of features and ease of use coupled with an award-winning warranty and technical support that is unparalleled.