Businesses from all market segments recognize that employees and customers will be more successful and satisfied when properly trained. Virtual reality technology has opened up new possibilities to enable more immersive training programs.

Traditionally, each set of goggles must be connected to an individual workstation powering the experience. However, multiple training rooms and a centralized server room with the VR computer requires longer transmission distances with low latency for distributing high data rate video and USB, meaning traditional solutions simply won’t work.


Atlona’s OmniStream AV over IP platform removes distance limitations by transporting the VR data across a standard IP network to almost anywhere. Thanks to its low latency, high frame rate, and high resolution video capabilities, OmniStream’s networked AV technology enables applications for VR that no one thought possible, resulting in enhanced collaboration and cost savings.

Thanks to Atlona’s solution, customers and employees can learn about new products and services in an engaging, immersive experience.


Small meeting areas where 2-3 employees can meet, collaborate, and share ideas are necessary because interaction at a cubicle eliminates confidentiality and interrupts nearby workers. But with small spaces, come small budgets. Low-cost flat panels, simple inputs for a laptop or iPad, and PC-based teleconferencing are the components of these basic systems.


From transmitter / receiver combos to small switchers, Atlona has multiple solutions that enable cost-effective huddle rooms. Integrated control, audio de-embedding, and switching make the design simple and repeatable. Advanced Automatic Display Control features make it simple for anyone to use these rooms. With switching, scaling, HDBaseT™ extension for inputs and outputs, and audio de-embedding in a small box, you can be certain Atlona technology supports collaboration!

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AV over IP Solution for Virtual Reality

Advances in OmniStream’s networked AV technology enable applications for VR that no one thought possible, resulting in location independent workspaces, cost savings, and enhanced collaboration.

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OmniStream Pro

Ideal for divisible rooms, conference rooms, and auditoriums, the OmniStream Pro line of AV over IP products are engineered for the most demanding applications where system reliability, performance, and scalability cannot be compromised.  OmniStream provides mission-critical reliability for large-scale AV distribution.

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Panduit Infrastructure Products

Panduit makes it easy to deploy an AV system over structured cabling, with market-leading, end-to-end solutions from a single supplier. Atlona products are supported by Panduit’s robust, reliable infrastructure portfolio for flexible, scalable AV installations.

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Israel Bank Case Study

Bank Hapoalim

The Bank’s new Innovation Center in Tel Aviv features an AV facility which highlights the many advantages of Atlona’s OmniStream™ AV over IP solution.

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Velocity IP-Based AV Control System

The Atlona Velocity™ Control System enables very fast, agile AV control system configuration and deployment, from individual meeting rooms up to an entire campus or enterprise.

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javits center case study for omnistream atlona

Javits Center

Atlona’s OmniStream AV over IP platform is installed in one of the world’s best known and largest convention centers to deliver pristine, low-latency AV signals with AES128 encryption technology.

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