Firmware AT-DISP-CTRL Firmware Version 1.0.16
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Date 01.28.20

Release Notes

Version 1.0.16


  • Added the ability to open a Telnet session using port 9000.
  • Added ability to enable or disable the CommaWait functionality in the web server.
  • The SetCmd now supports the \x character, allowing hexadecimal characters to be entered.

Bug Fixes

  • The default RS-232 control baud rate is now set to 9600.
  • Renamed “Console”, under the RS-232 page, to “Display”.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the cursor, in the Hostname text box, from moving.
  • Blocked the following ports from being used with the IPPort command: 80, 22, 443, 9000-9100.
  • Restricted the CliPort command from using values greater than 65535.
  • Removed the following unsupported commands: IPAddUser , IPDellUser, and AutoPwrMode.
  • Broadcast is now set to “on”, by default
Previous Releases
Version 1
  • Factory firmware