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Technology is always evolving so training is always in need. Given what COVID has done to our landscape this past year, the Training team has also evolved to continue to bring you instruction on the latest and greatest technology Atlona has to offer. This year Atlona Academy is rolling out new education programs and new ways to connect and learn.

Training comes to your home

Due to COVID, last year our physical instructor-led classes came to an immediate halt. However, demand for training went up. Now with so many professionals working from home, our training curriculum pivoted to allow online completion or remote learning through online, instructor-led sessions. These changes were well-received and demand for more increased significantly.

The advantage of remote training is that it allows the student to set their own pace for learning rather than committing to several days at a manufacturer’s training facility. As an employee’s time is precious, self-paced online training also allows the curriculum to be organized into bite-sized learning activities that can be completed in pieces, even during evenings and weekends.

Atlona Academy has updated its popular certification program to include virtual online hands-on learning and remote instructor-led product learning modules. In our newly enhanced certification program, now called CAAP – Certified Atlona Advantage Partner, learners get self-paced online learning on foundational AV concepts, Atlona products, and hands-on learning with Atlona’s Velocity™ control software. Upon completion of the online learning modules, the learner then enrolls in hands-on product training and receives a training kit of key Altona products. The leaner then spends up to two days in a live, online learning session with an Atlona instructor to master their AV product skills. CAAP Certification also awards the learner with 23.25

AVIXA CTS continuing education credits. More information on how to earn the CAAP Certification is available at:

Get authorized as you learn

On the way to earning a CAAP certification, integrators can also become an Authorized Atlona Reseller gaining access to purchase, resell and install key product lines. Through Atlona Academy online learning, an integrator can become an Authorized Velocity Reseller and/or an Authorized AV over IP Reseller.

To become an Authorized Velocity Reseller, a learner will complete Atlona Academy’s 300 level online self-paced learning course. This includes downloading the Velocity control software and completing a series of learning lab activities which will be submitted for grading and approval for reseller status. This program yields four continuing education credits.

To become an Authorized AV over IP reseller and gain access to Atlona’s OmniStream networked AV platform, a learner will complete both the 400 and 500 level online self-paced learning courses and pass the associated course assessments. This program yields 5.25 continuing education credits.

Explore and master new skills

Additionally, Atlona Academy offers distinct learning paths for individuals seeking to further their professional knowledge of AV technology and Atlona solutions. Atlona Academy is proud to offer learners the opportunity to earn Learning Badges. Three badges are currently available through Atlona Academy with two more scheduled to release in 2021.

Learners can earn a badge in Light Commercial concepts. This program is ideal for anyone looking to get started in deploying commercial AV solutions and carries four continuing education credits. As a bonus, completion of this course will also bestow Authorized Velocity Reseller status. Also available through the Academy is the AV Education Technician badge which carries nine continuing education credits and the AV Education Designer badge which also carries nine continuing education credits.

To learn more, visit Atlona Academy at

About the Author

Ken Eagle is the Senior Director of Global Training for Atlona Technologies and is responsible for setting global direction in product and sales training as well as managing the day-to-day responsibilities of the award-winning online training and education program, Atlona Academy. Ken has been in the Pro AV Industry for over 20 years and has spent the past eight years developing award-winning National Training programs for prominent AV Manufacturers. When Ken is not working, you will likely find him on the ballroom dance floor cutting it up with his wife.



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