Automatic video switching and long distance transmission for classrooms and meeting rooms

Get this exclusive bundle available only through B&H Photo: Combines the Atlona AT-HDVS-TX 3×1 Switcher Extender and the AT-HDRX Receiver. Integrating one VGA and two HDMI sources with long distance HDMI extension has never been easier. The 3X1 video autoswitcher features the ability to send video, audio and power over a single category cable. At the display or projector end, the tiny receiver virtually disappears.

The compact 3×1 switcher/extender simplifies integration of HDMI and VGA sources, automatically switches between signals, and routes signals and power up to 230 feet (70 meters)



A unique, cost-effective bundle designed for HDMI and VGA signal extension

The AT-HDVS-TX is ideal for long distance transmission in corporate or educational settings using analog and digital sources. It features two HDMI inputs plus a VGA input with 3.5 mm audio connector. AV signals up to 1080p/60 Hz and 1920×1200 video with embedded multi-channel audio and control signals can be extended up to 230 feet (70 meters).

The AT-HDRX receiver is remotely powered from the transmitter using Power over Category cable (PoCc) to clean up the installation behind displays.

Dual HDMI and VGA/Audio to HDBaseT Switcher Transmitter AT-HDVS-TX

  • 3×1 HDBaseT™ switcher transmitter
  • 230 ft (70 m) HDMI/VGA extension
  • Auto-switching
  • Provides remote Power over Category Cable (PoCc) for HDBaseT receiver
  • Includes mounting hardware and power supply

HDMI Over HDBaseT Receiver AT-HDRX

  • HDBaseT receiver
  • 230 ft (70 m) HDMI/VGA extension
  • Remotely powered by transmitter over Power over Category Cable (PoCc)
  • Includes mounting hardware

ATATHDVSTXK – Switcher/Extender and Receiver, Available ONLY through B&H

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