Atlona Partnership with Symetrix

Atlona offers streamlined integration of Velocity™ Control Systems and OmniStream™ AV over IP systems with Symetrix DSPs, providing the opportunity to design and build high performance, professional-grade video and audio systems for corporate, education, government, retail, entertainment, and many other commercial AV markets.

The partnership between Atlona and Symetrix enables seamless interoperability of AES67, Dante, and USB audio streams for management, optimization, and routing of audio over IP networks. Atlona also easily allows a Symetrix DSP to be incorporated into a Velocity system configuration, for user control of audio system levels as well as telephone dialing.

Partnership Information

  • Provides the opportunity for OmniStream AV encoders, decoders, and audio bridges to send and receive AES67 / Dante audio streams from a Symetrix DSP
  • Enables direct interoperability of USB audio between Symetrix DSPs and OmniStream USB to IP interfaces
  • A Symetrix DSP can be integrated into a Velocity Control System, which can then automatically generate user controls for audio system levels and muting, plus VoIP or POTS dialing
  • Excellent opportunity for integrators to specify AV systems combining best-in-class platforms for video and audio distribution and signal processing
  • Simple, expedited deployment of a Velocity control system for a Symetrix DSP – in just a few mouse clicks – and no extensive programming or configuration
  • No driver download or installation necessary – just search for Symetrix within the Velocity supported devices database
  • Velocity systems can also import Symetrix DSP configuration files for even more streamlined integration. For more information, please refer to the Symetrix DSP integration note.
  • OmniStream AV encoders and decoders, audio bridges, and USB interfaces, plus the Gain 120 amplifier are ready for audio stream interoperability


  • Atlona and Symetrix experts discuss DSP integration
  • See how Symetrix DSPs are interoperable with AES67 and USB networked audio streams from OmniStream AV over IP systems
  • Symetrix DSP products can also be easily integrated into a Velocity Control System
  • Symetrix Design for Networked Audio

Featured Products

Velocity Control System

Atlona Velocity makes it faster, easier, and more cost-effective than ever to specify and integrate a commercial AV control system.

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Velocity Touch Panels

These 5.5″ and 8″ touch panels for the Velocity Control System feature contemporary, refined styling for modern presentation environments.

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OmniStream AV over IP

OmniStream is a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective AV distribution platform that delivers the performance and dependability of traditional AV distribution, plus the unrestricted scalability and cost efficiency of integrating over data networks.

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OmniStream Audio

OmniStream Audio devices provide the essential bridging between Dante / AES67 audio streaming and analog audio interfaces for amplifiers, microphones, speakers, and other products.

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Gain 120

The Gain™ 120 is a compact power amplifier for low or high impedance speaker systems. With the optional AT-GAIN-NET interface card, the Gain 120 can accept Dante or AES67 audio over a network from a DSP or OmniStream AV encoder.

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OmniStream USB

OmniStream USB over IP distribution is ideal for videoconferencing and other meeting applications to extend USB from touch displays, cameras, speakerphones, DSPs, and more.

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System Application

A modern, IP-based meeting room AV system with OmniStream allows direct interfacing of audio with a Symetrix DSP over Ethernet, greatly simplifying integration and audio cabling requirements. OmniStream also makes it easy and efficient to incorporate USB audio peripherals into a Symetrix DSP.


We are always available and ready to assist with any questions you may have regarding the integration of Atlona Velocity and OmniStream systems with Symetrix DSPs. Please do not hesitate to contact us or your Atlona representative.