White Papers

Atlona’s white papers aim to inform the industry and help readers to choose the right solutions for their unique installation, integration, and connectivity challenges.

With input from dealers, installers, and integrators we’ve compiled white papers on residential, commercial, and government market applications. We hope they’ll address the technologies, products, and FAQs related to solving some of the AV dilemmas our industry faces daily.

Truly Converged, Networked AV

AV over IP offers potentially significant benefits for pro AV system integration in terms of virtually unrestricted scalability and flexibility, plus the convenience and cost efficiency of standard data networks. Networked AV solutions have been available for over a decade, but industry adoption is still evolving due to several inherent challenges relating to cost, security, IT-specific requirements, and other factors. OmniStream™ is a new technology platform from Atlona that specifically addresses these challenges while delivering immediate and long-term ROI.

Light Commercial Applications – Bars, Restaurants, Retail Shops, Meeting Spaces and More

The A/V industry is made up of many different types of A/V solutions. We generally split them between residential focus and commercial focus. Today however we see that defining line becoming a little more blurred. Advances in communication technologies such as HDBaseT, HDMI, the internet and simple to use software apps are opening doors for integration firms who in the past would have never dared cross the dividing line.

Media Space Applications – Blending Technology with Your Favorite Room

Media Space Audio and Video solutions, otherwise known as the Media Room, Family Room, Home Theater or Man Cave have taken on many forms as A/V technology has evolved over the past several years. Whatever you call the room one thing is clear; it has to sound awesome, display amazing video, be easy to operate and have some kickin’ wow factor!

Large Residential Application Solutions – Whole Home A/V Distribution

Consider this residential installation opportunity, your client approaches you and explains that he is renovating a large historic home and desires to have 16 zones of audio and video throughout the home. The first thought that pops into your mind involves a dollar sign and then some excitement, but once that rush of anticipation fades the reality sets in that this could be a tough job and its needs to be done right.

Today’s Classroom: Integrating Technology into the Learning Experience

Colleges and Universities around the world are always challenged with keeping up with and providing support for new teaching techniques. In many educational facilities the traditional classroom that many of us grew up has been ushered out and a variety of new teaching spaces have taken their place. The teaching space is now seen as anywhere a student could learn and may include lecture halls, collaborative classrooms, labs and huddle spaces. Each teaching space has its own unique method of teaching, but they are similar in that they all require an AV presentation to share information.

The Modern Conference Room: Design and Support Tomorrow’s Technology with Today’s Designs!

Trends we see today suggest that conference room technology and presentation requirements have changed from relying solely upon furnished presentation sources to the need to support BYOT, bring your own technology, and all the types of personal technology that may entail. When designing AV systems for conference room applications, it is essential to know which types of AV sources and presentation equipment your clients may want to use now and in the future. In this White Paper we look at todays conference rooms and discuss how to Design and Support Tomorrow’s Technology with Today’s Designs!

Inside the Huddle Space: Designing an Effective Meeting Place that “Just Works”

The huddle space is becoming increasingly popular in today’s business environments with the goal of encouraging people to freely meet and collaborate. In this White Paper we look at this exciting business space and discuss Atlona solutions that “Just Work” in the Huddle Space.

Matrix EDID Learning

In this document we will discuss how to quickly and easily manage the EDID from a display in our matrix switchers to allow for faster switching and a more reliable and stable handshake.

Understanding 4K Signal Distribution

What is 4K Resolution? How does it differ from Ultra-HD? How much bandwidth does it require to transmit a 4k signal? Can I send that over my HDMI cable? Can I transmit it over HDBaseT? Learn the answers to these questions and more.

Total Cost of Ownership: Conference Room / Classroom

Your most important business decisions require as much information as possible. Today’s boardrooms are built around centralized displays able to quickly access video information from attendee laptops, remote desktops, telepresence systems, and local video sources. Atlona’s products allow your team to seamlessly integrate all of these and much more to build a reliable A/V conference room or classroom system on an affordable budget while maintaining profitability.

HDVS Application Solution for Boardrooms

Atlona’s HDVS family functions as complete input selection and control in a simple system. It was designed to smooth the transition from analog to digital displays in schools and businesses. While some use HDMI computers, Blu-ray players, or document cameras, there are numerous legacy VGA computers still in use, and this family supports both. As part of larger and more complex applications these components enable HDMI and VGA/analog audio input to larger switchers. The transmitters enable HDBaseT distances on both inputs. The receiver enables scaling and de-embeds audio.

Working with RS-232

RS-232 is an “old-school” method of communications between machines. It is still common used in industrial applications because it is robust, bi-directional and low cost. It has fallen out of favor in consumer applications because it is not tolerant of errors in cabling, command formatting or port configuration. It is a serial communications interface. In consumer applications it has been replaced by USB connections.

Analog/Digital Mixed Format AV Systems

The video system and its related technology is here to stay in the sanctuary and other parts of the house of worship. And video technology is changing rapidly as we move from analog to digital. There are many strategies for implementing this change in your facility and each has its own advantages.

Do NON UTP Switchers Get a New Lease on Life?

This question is one that Atlona has been asking for the last two years. As the world of residential and commercial installation has migrated towards native UTP HDMI switchers, it seemed as though the “local HDMI” switcher was on its way out. Surely, with the ranges required to reach destination displays in most environments today, these switches would be relegated to the Smithsonian with 8 track tapes and 8mm cameras. They have to be, right?

Digital Signage on the Move

Best Practices in Ships, Trains, Automobile, and More As digital signage has become the de facto medium for delivering digital content to consumers, the issue of how to parlay this new technology into mobile applications has become a reality that integrators have to address. Providing digital signage content in mobile applications in a marketing based trailer, Government agency mobile command vehicle and commercial cruise ship were the challenges that the integrators faced. Several issues arise from building a digital signage system in these highly mobile applications.

Active Cable Technology

As more and more features are built into the HDMI standard we’re forced to use cables that support greater bandwidth than ever before, which has led to design challenges with newer cables. As cable distance and bandwidth are increased we start to see changes to our signal.