AT-LinkCastAV ***Discontinued***

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Easily connect wirelessly to your HDTV, projector or AV receiver without unsightly cables! The Atlona LinkCastAV sends flawless HD video and digital audio wirelessly through walls, floors and doors so you can keep all your equipment out of sight for a clean, neat living room or home theater. It’s the perfect wireless solution for watching movies, viewing pictures, playing games, listening to music, even browsing the internet from your laptop using your HDTV’s big screen.

*Not compatible with MAC products*



Atlona LinkCast Wireless HD Audio/Video System

Multiple sources no HDMI cables, the Atlona Wireless HD Audio/Video System brings wire management to the extreme. Connect up to 4* HDMI sources wirelessly to a display or AVR across the room with no unsightly wires to trip over. With pass through of up to 1080p, 1600×1200, or 3D the LinkCastAV ensures the best video experience is just a wireless connection away.

Eliminate Messy Cables & Place Electronics Out of Sight

Connect up to 5* HD-capable audio/video devices wirelessly up to 40 feet (12.19M) away to your HDTV or projector without messy cables or unreliable picture quality or reception*. With LinkCast, you can truly experience the freedom of connecting a laptop, Blu-ray player game console, cable/satellite box or other device wirelessly.

Experience Truly Wireless 1080p HD Video & Digital Audio

The LinkCast Wireless HD System offers amazing wireless HD picture and sound capabilities. LinkCast supports up to 1080p (1920×1080) HD resolution, full 3D HDTV video, up to Dolby 5.1 digital audio, and offers high-speed HDMI fully HDCP-compliant connections.

Set-up Is a Snap

The LinkCast Wireless HD System can be set up in minutes. Just plug in and connect the LinkCast A/V base station, via the included HDMI cable, to an HDTV or projector. Then, insert the LinkCast HDMI Transmitter into the HDMI output and USB port on you audio/video device. It’s that easy! The LinkCast wireless HD system won’t interfere with standard Wi-Fi, phone or other wireless devices in your home.

More Choices

Not just a single source receiver! Purchase up to 4 additional transmitters to suit the needs of almost any home or office audio/video set up.

Immersive 3D technology

Fully supported high resolution video passes without delay through the Atlona LinkCast Wireless HD Audio/Video system. Get the full effect of any 3D video system without signal loss or jumping.

Full Gaming Experience

Tested with PC and Console games to ensure no latency. Enjoy the best First Person Shooters, Role Playing Games, and Massively Multiplayer Online RPGs wirelessly on a big screen TV with crystal clear picture.


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AT-LinkCastAV ***Discontinued***