AT-HDVS-RX ***Discontinued***

• • • Discontinued • • •

A new version of this product is available as the AT-HDVS-150-RX.

Model Number: AT-HDVS-RX

  • Long distance HDMI extension
  • Scaled HDMI output and input resolution control
  • Audio de-embedding
  • RS-232 scaler control
  • Multi-channel audio compliant
  • RS-232 display control
  • Field updatable firmware

NOTE: The AT-HDVS-RX is discontinued. The AT-HDVS-150-RX, in the HDVS-150 Series, is the new version of this product. Please visit the HDVS Series overview page for more information.

HDBaseT to HDMI Scaler Receiver with Display Control

HDBaseT to HDMI Scaler Receiver with Display Control

The Atlona AT-HDVS-RX is an HDBaseT™ scaler receiver for HDMI transmission over category cable. Receives AV signals up to 1080p/60Hz and 1920×1200 video with embedded multi-channel audio and control signals up to 230 feet (70 meters). Features include balanced analog audio de-embedding, RS-232 control, and Power over Category cable (PoCc) for sending remote power to the HDVS series transmitter. The receiver offers advanced scaling capabilities including image adjustment capability and an Auto-set feature for matching incoming signals to the display’s native resolution. Designed for use with the HDVS series transmitters, the transmitter/receiver pair enables auto display on/off, auto-switching, 3rd-party control, and other features. The built-in scaler works with matrix switchers to optimize source signals with different resolutions to a display’s native resolution. The AT-HDVS-RX is ideal for long distance transmission and display control in corporate or educational settings using analog and digital sources.


Long distance HDMI extension

  • Receives HDMI and VGA/Audio signals up to 230 ft (70m) @ 1080p over CAT6a/7 and 197 feet (60 m) @1080p over CAT5e/6
  • Uses easy-to-integrate category cable for low-cost, reliable system installation

Scaled HDMI output and input resolution control

  • Scales output video signals up to 1080p/60Hz and1920x1200; Set preferred input resolution from 800×600 to 1920×1200
  • Assures compatibility of VGA and HDMI sources to the display’s native resolution

Audio de-embedding

  • Provides two channel, analog audio signal on balanced captive screw connectors
  • Improves AV system audio with the use of an external amplifier such as the Atlona AT-PA100-G2

RS-232 scaler control

  • Image adjustments, resolution settings, and auto-set to display’s native resolution can be made from a 3rd party control system
  • Seamless integration with larger, control system-based AV systems

Multi-channel audio compliant

  • Supports PCM, Dolby® Digital, Dolby Digital Plus™, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Atmos®, DTS Digital Surround™, and DTS-HD Master Audio™
  • Allows any multi-channel audio stream to be used within a professional audio system

RS-232 display control

  • Facilitates On/Off display control; Included software simplifies programming
  • Eliminates need for complex control system in small AV systems

Field updatable firmware

  • Rear panel USB port provides an easy means for kit upgrades
  • Ensures long term system return on investment

Front panel Power and Link LEDs

  • LED indicators provide Power and Link status information
  • Provides easy setup and troubleshooting

Integrated mounting hardware

  • Enclosure features four tabs for simple mounting
  • Easily mounts behind display

Suggested transmitters:

  • AT-HDVS-TX Dual HDMI and VGA/Audio to HDBaseT Switcher Transmitter
  • AT-HDVS-TX-WP –HDMI and VGA/Audio to HDBaseT Switcher Transmitter Wall plate

Compact, 1.18 in (30 mm) high and 4.8 in (122 mm) wide enclosure

  • Easy installation behind display

Award-winning 10 Year Limited Product Warranty

  • Ensures long-term product reliability and performance in residential and commercial systems
  • Specify, purchase, and install with confidence


Analog to Digital Transition

The Atlona HDVS series was designed to smooth the transition from analog to digital displays, allowing advanced HDMI display devices to be used with legacy VGA sources. The series also adds the simplicity and performance of HDBaseT technology to eliminate multiple cable runs and signal degradation that can occur with long transmission lines. Cost-effective and easy-to-terminate category cable provides additional integrator and benefits.

 The AT-HDVS-RX offers an HDBaseT input and scaled HDMI output with audio de-embedding on a balanced captive screw connector. The receiver supports Power over Category cable (PoCc™) to power the remote transmitter. Used with HDVS series transmitters, the system provides a complete AV system with switching, distribution, scaling, and control that ensures overall system compatibility and ease-of-installation.

Benefits when used with AT-HDVS-TX or AT-HDVS-TX-WP

  • Auto input switching
  • Auto display control or control from HDVS series transmitter
  • HDCP management for use with teleconference systems
  • Set preferred input resolution for both VGA and HDMI sources
  • PoCc to eliminate the power supply at the transmitter
  • Image adjustment for best picture
  • VGA compatibility with any display
  • Easy to use software simplifies RS-232 programming


HDVS Firmware Update


Atlona Academy – Extenders Best Practices


Atlona Academy – HDVS


Bandwidth 6.75Gbps Power Consumption 17.2W
Video Video: up to 1080p
VESA: up to 1920×1200
(H x W x D)
1.18 x 4.8 x 4.92 (inch)
30 x 122 x 125 (mm)
Audio passes through up to Dolby TrueHD 
or DTS-HD Master Audio
Weight 0.67 lbs
0.31 kg
Distance 230ft @ 1080p over CAT6a/7
197ft @ 1080p over CAT5e/6

32°F to 104°F
0°C to 40°C
-4°F to 140°F
-20°C to 60°C
Wall Mountable? Yes HDCP Compliant? Yes
Certifications CE, FCC, RoHS, cULus for power supplies

Package Includes

• 1 x AT-HDVS-RX • 1 x 24V/2.7A DC Captive Screw Power Supply
• 2 x Captive Screw Connector (5 pin: Audio, 2 pin: Power) • 1 x Pair of Wall/Rack Mount Ears
• 1 x 3.5mm to 9 Pin RS-232 adapter • 1 x User Manual


pdf-icon Manual
pdf-icon Manual V.2 (05/2014)
pdf-icon DataSheet

Diagrams, Drivers & CAD Files

cad-icon-(1) CAD Files


Download Control Software Version 2.2.8
File Size 6350 KB
Date 11.09.16
Software 2.2.8:

  • RS-232 control software for the AT-HDVS-RX. Program connected transmitters (AT-HDVS-TX, AT-HDVS-TX-WP, or AT-HDVS-TX-WP-UK) to turn on/off displays with the push of a button, or control video and scaling on the AT-HDVS-RX.
  • Install included font file to work with Windows 10.


pdf-icon FAQ

Declarations Of Conformity

pdf-icon Declarations Of Conformity

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AT-HDVS-RX Firmware

Before downloading either one of these drivers, please take a look at these drivers instructions.

Download Firmware version 1.2.6 Download Firmware version 2.2.6
File Size 6.5 MB File Size 6.5 MB
Date 02.16.16 Date 02.16.16
Update 1.2.6 Includes:

  • Fixed error resulting in the command “WP_AutoSwitch[Off]$” not being sent
  • Control Software Included
    • Install included font file to work with Windows 10
Update 2.2.6 Includes:

  • Fixed error resulting in the command “WP_AutoSwitch[Off]$” not being sent
  • Control Software Included
    • Install included font file to work with Windows 10

HDVS Firmware Updates

Download All HDVS Models Firmware, Software and Instructions in one file Download HDVS Updates Now

The AT-HDVS system features two sets of primary versions. Prefix 2.x.x units can be updated with MAC or windows 8 machines while prefix 1.x.x can be updated with Windows 7 machines or below.

Your HDVS unit comes with an alphanumeric serial sticker behind the unit. The last 3 digits show what factory firmware you have. If you a 2.x.x unit; then you can upgrade to a higher 2.x.x FW. If you have a 1.x.x unit, then you can only upgrade to a higher 1.x.x FW. Please make sure to upload the correct firmware for each unit as not doing so can cause errors.

Note: For AT-HDVS-TX-WP only, a batch had a misprint of “3052” on the alphanumeric tag, if you have this, then it indicates you are on “210” firmware.