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7 Inch PRO HD Monitor with HDMI, VGA and Component Inputs

Model Number: AT-DIS7-PROHD

The Atlona AT-DIS7-PROHD is a 7" testing monitor designed for those looking to test cabling and the installation of different components. This monitor is useful where displays are in a remote location or not yet present. This portable display will recognize any HDMI, DVI, VGA or Component Video source at resolutions up to 1080p or 1920x1200 including a huge variety of other HDTV and Computer Resolutions.  It allows integrators and installers to observe both audio and video signals in real time. The AT-DIS7-PROHD can be used to test 3D sources, even though it is not a 3D monitor.


EDID Emulator for 4K HDR HDMI Signals

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  • EDID emulation and management for HDMI signals
  • Hot Plug Detect emulation for HDMI source and sink communications
  • Detects and resolves issues associated with signal handshaking between source and destination devices
  • 4K/UHD capability @ 60 Hz with 4:4:4 chroma sampling, plus support for HDR formats
  • HDCP 2.2 compliant

4K HDR Overview


Portable HDMI Signal Generator with 1080p and 3D Support

Model Number: AT-HD800

The Atlona HD800 is a Portable HDMI signal generator capable of testing any video resolution or timing in any digital format. The HD800 allows users to diagnose specific resolution, video timing, EDID, and color space issues in any DVI or HDMI video system. The HD800 features 13 test patterns including 3D tests Side by side, Top and Bottom, and Frame packing. This powerful pocket sized signal generator features an HDMI output as well as an HDMI pass through to easily switch between test patterns and content from any other digital sources, while also giving the ability to read the EDID from the input source and displaying it on the display.



Custom Installation Testing Kit

Model Number: KIT-PROHD3

Atlona Custom Installation Testing Kit includes:

  • HDMI Signal Generator
  • 7-inch HDMI/VGA/Component Monitor
  • HDMI EDID Emulator
  • 4 hour Battery for the Monitor and custom carrying case 

The AT-HD800, AT-DIS7-PROHD, AT-UHD-SYNC and AT-BAT-DIS7PRO comes in a high quality custom carrying case